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Because each videographer has their own style, it’s worth putting-in some homework to compare their craftsmanship with your wedding video vision. You can tell a lot about a videographer from past examples of their work so ask for sample DVDs and pay close attention to the film’s sound and picture quality – digital usually delivers superior results.
Savvy shoppers should start making enquiries anything from 12-18 months in advance. Remember that you’ll be working closely with a videographer on one of the most important days of your life, so make sure you like them as much as you like their work.

A wedding video is an everlasting memory of your special day which you’ll be watching for as long as you’re wearing a wedding ring. Only a film can preserve the laughs, the tears, the fun and fashion so it’s crucial the videographer captures the atmosphere as much as the ceremony. Depending on the package chosen, your film can incorporate special effects to highlight significant moments. Discuss the possibility of using a combination of still frames, slow-motion montages or black and white or sepia styles to tell your love story in style.

A cameraman is only as good as his equipment so expect this to be reflected in the price. Remember, you’re not just paying for the length of time the videographer has to spend on-location but on editing the polished version as well. Special effects and techniques will also bump up the price so clarify the cost of your video’s package with a written quote outlining terms and conditions. As a guideline, expect to pay between £500-£1800 – it might sound ­steep now, but it’s a price worth paying for peace of mind on the big day and beyond.

Most brides spend months, if not years dreaming about their big day, so it’s worth splashing-out on a professional to capture the magic on camera. It’s tempting to cut costs by asking a friend to do the honours, but if you’re disappointed by the results then there won’t be a second chance to reshoot the event. Just like your ring, think of a professional video as an investment that can be shared with your children or loved ones who were unable to attend. (image: life in frame)

QUESTIONS TO ASKWhich parts of the day are included in the package?
The longer the videographer is there, the more it will cost. Be clear about what is covered and what is not.

Ask about the background music on the DVD.
Some videographers will be happy to edit sections of the day to match some of your favourite tunes.

How long after the wedding will you be expected to wait until you receive your DVD?
Be patient as it can take a while to edit a final version.

How many copies will they supply?
If you would like extra copies confirm what this will cost.

What payment methods will they expect?
Most videographers will expect you to pay a deposit at the time of booking and payment may be expected in full shortly before the day itself.

Have they got insurance?
If, for whatever reason, they can’t make it at the last minute, make sure you will be compensated.

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