2020 wedding trends to know now

What’s in store for the year ahead? Between bespoke neon, big florals and bridesmen, top Scottish suppliers have plenty of predictions


Attention-grabbing, rich-toned florals will be everywhere, according to Fleur & Blume (photo: Mickey McManus)

“Brides and grooms are trying to act in a more sustainable way, using as many locally grown blooms as possible,” observes florist Ashley Bryden at Fleur & Blume. “Couples are also opting for texture, such as dried flowers, pampas grass and palms.”

2019 trend to keep: “Hanging installations of greenery is something we should hold onto. And last year’s long family-style banquet seating makes dining more relaxing and intimate.”

Trend to ditch: “In floristry, ditching oasis foam is now a widespread trend, one that I have fully embraced. I also reckon floral walls have had their day, as have photobooths, formalities and matching bridesmaids. Think outside the box and be brave. And step away from social media!”


Eloping is becoming increasingly more common (photo: The Caryls)

“We’ve noticed the trend for eloping is more prevalent than ever,” reports celebrant Paula Wilkinson of Fuze Ceremonies. “In fact, quite a few of our 2020 bookings are for closeknit services in idyllic Scottish surroundings. The growth in elopements has birthed another new trend – the Scottish wedding-moon. Many of our eloping couples are choosing to head into the wilderness and combine their ceremony with a cosy mini-moon where they can chill out, reconnect and toast their newlywed status.” Run away with us?

2019 trend to keep: “We were all obsessed with 2019’s vivid colour palette and hope it remains a fixture for some time to come. And who doesn’t love a pet at a wedding? Hundreds of happy hounds trotted up the aisle last year. Long may it continue!”

Trend to ditch: “Are summer dates declining in popularity? We’re finding autumn and winter nuptials are more fashionable these days. Book your suppliers as soon as you can!”


Foliage-heavy arrangements are more eco-friendly – we are dazzled by Days of Dahlia’s hanging fern display (photo: Caro Weiss)

By now, you’ve probably well and truly got the message that climate change is a serious threat. Thankfully, florists like Fleur & Blume and Days of Dahlia are disrupting the wasteful weddings industry. “We are meeting so many eco-conscious couples who are approaching planning with the environment in mind,” says the latter’s Lauren Printy Currie.

“This can be difficult, given imported flowers and unnatural designs are so sought after, but there is an increased awareness of the responsibility we all have to protect our planet. At Days of Dahlia we grow our own flowers and source what we can’t produce ourselves from other excellent Scottish growers. It means our carbon footprint is extremely low, and it’s heartening to see our field full of bees, butterflies and pollinators.”


Make a fuss of Mother Dearest with this personalised sign (photo: Melanie Chadd)

Experienced planner Anna Healy of Beautiful, Magical & Elegant is convinced that perspex is going to dominate this year.

“It’s a clear acrylic version of glass, and is so versatile it will work with any style of wedding,” she suggests.

“It can be teamed up with flowers, foliage or colours. Couples also have so many options in terms of chairs now – I’m into Ghost, Louis and open-ring Dior chairs.”

2019 trend to keep: “Unconventional nuptials! Break away from the norm and don’t be a sheep!

“Marry on a beach or in a cave, make your dog the ring bearer, have six wedding cakes instead of one, walk down the aisle in bespoke tartan shoes – the possibilities are endless!”

Trend to ditch: “I think we’ve finally moved on from chair covers and bows.”


Brides will opt for berry-stained lips in 2020, reckons Leigh Blaney (photo: 1500 Photography)

Who needs a crystal ball when you have makeup artist Leigh Blaney? Her knowledge of the beauty industry is unparalleled. What’s new for 2020? “Brighter and darker lips will be present right through to the summer months – berries, pinks and reds,” she reports. “I’m also loving highlighted, almost pearlescent rosy cheeks. This will be massive, and an easy look for most skin types to adopt, any season. Just don’t go overboard or you could appear shiny.”

2019 trend to keep: “It should be a nude lip. It’s fantastic that the bolder shades are having their turn, but a pared-back lip is still a classic look with a darker eye.”

Trend to ditch: “It’s time to say goodbye to over-contouring. Authentic beauty is better. Enhance what you already have.”


Statement decor has taken over,” declares Ruth Marshall at Supernova Wedding Design & Flowers. “Go big or go home!”

The Supernova team has picked up on an interesting shift in the last few months. “We’re seeing bigger budgets for smaller-scale weddings,” reveals Ruth Marshall. “Fewer guests, with a higher spend on each, and extra attention to detail will be huge. Neon lighting is also in demand – we have the largest selection of signs in Scotland.”

2019 trend to keep: “A more creative focus on chairs. We now have over ten different styles, with our chiavari chairs coming in every colour imaginable.”

Trend to ditch: “Set decor packages. Each wedding is so unique – gone are the days where a standard deal would suit a couple.”


Think pink! 2019’s penchant for pretty pastel tipples will continue into 2020

When you’re invited to the evening reception, it’s easy to feel a wee bit left out.

Maxine McCourt at The Little Bar Group is on a mission to improve the experience.

“I foresee drinks receptions for evening guests becoming more common,” she says.

“More people are booking a quirky bar for this part of the day. It helps make those joining you at night feel involved.”

2019 trend to keep: “Whether bubbly or gin, we all loved pink tipples last year, and it looks like they’re here to stay.”

Trend to ditch: “Fizz-only drinks receptions. While fizz is likely to be your main offering, stock up on some cool alternatives for guests who don’t like champers or prosecco – yes, such people do exist!”


Norrie Flowers at Independent Humanist Ceremonies says unusual arches – such as this one by Days of Dahlia – are being used more and more as ceremony decor

As a celebrant, Norrie Flowers at Independent Humanist Ceremonies is on the front line – does he think the wedding party line-up has changed in recent years? “Lots of brides and grooms are very modern in their approach,” he says.

“They’re choosing to have bridesmen, best women, and men of honour by their side, and are sometimes escorted up the aisle by their precious pets or even alpacas. When someone’s unsure, I always advise them not to worry about what other people think.” As for decor, he reckons greenery is taking over from floral arrangements. “I’ve seen many venues being very thoughtfully and cleverly decorated,” he says.

“There seems to be an increase in wedding arches too, for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies – I doubt they’ll ever go out of fashion. Couples are putting their own stamp on designs, working closely with florists and venue stylists. I think it sets the tone for the ceremony beautifully.”