Couturier to the stars Brian Rennie is returning to Scotland to relaunch as bridal designer

After designing for the likes of Escada, Gant and Basler, as well as Jennifer Lopez and Angela Bassett, talented designer Brian Rennie is coming back to his native Scotland and setting his sights on bridal

Bespoke gowns by Brian Rennie
Hand embroidered bespoke gowns, from a selection, Brian Rennie

We’re soon to be in the presence of greatness – we hear that haute couturier to the stars, Brian Rennie, is returning home to his native Scotland, after a long stint in Europe, designing for Escada, Gant and Basler.

His success is astounding: not only did he gain a huge celebrity following – with his gowns making regular appearances at the Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammys, SAG Awards and the BAFTAs – but he was also responsible for creating Jennifer Lopez and Angela Bassett’s wedding dresses.

Brian’s reportedly looking to settle somewhere in the Central Belt in 2021 and turn his hand to bridal full-time. So, what can we look forward to from the designer? Well, as you might expect from someone who’s spent his life dressing royalty and the rich and famous, the standard is sky-high: we’ve had a sneak peek at what he’s been working on lately and Brian’s attention to detail, particularly in terms of hand beading and embroidery, is second to none.

There’s an air of Hollywood starlet about the silhouettes (Marilyn could never). The pieces are lavishly embellished, with many layers of beading, feathers and a smattering of sequins, and astonishing in their craftsmanship.

Well, if it’s good enough for JLo…

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