Fans of the flame


We visited the The Scottish Wedding Rooms in Kilmarnock recently and admired this image we spotted hanging on the wall. Turned out there was quite a story behind it, as Kevin Wyllie of KSG Photography, who captured the image, reveals. “Rhianna and John Dreghorn were married last July, but in February 2014 (on their son’s birthday), they lost their home to fire. Everyone was okay, but the house was gutted. When she told me that the one thing they grabbed as they ran from the burning house, along with their two children in their arms, was their wedding signing frame, I felt that I had to do something for her,” says Kevin.
“As her dress had been damaged by smoke, I suggested a ‘Rock The Frock’ shoot in the burned-out house and – thankfully – Rhianna loved the idea,” continues Kevin, who then approached Lookin’ Good beauty salon in Galston. “They volunteered to give Rhianna a full make-over for the shoot (including flames painted on her finger nails), completely free of charge. My frame-maker also offered to replace Rhianna’s frame with a new one (as the original had been damaged by the fire), again, free of charge,” confides Kevin. The old adage is very much true: every picture really does tell a story!;