Five ways to customise your wedding shoes

You’re personalising so many parts of your big day, so why not include some quirky alterations to your footwear?

1. Hand-painting

With wedding shoes, the key is to find something that looks great and is comfortable to wear. The good news is that once you’ve found a pair that tick the comfy box, Les Soulier can step in with its fantastic hand-painting service. So once you’ve found the perfect chunky heel that will keep you on the dancefloor all night, simply provide designer Sonia Brown with a brief – think your colour scheme, bouquet, or even where you’re getting married – and your wearable work of art will be on its way back to you within six weeks.

2. Shoe clips

We didn’t think it was possible for Charlotte Mills’ stunning wedding collection to look any sweeter, but it turns out these new monogrammed shoe clips have raised the bar. Available in metallics that tie in with the gold and silver used in the brand’s famous glitter block heels, the shoe clips cost £30.

3. Bespoke embroidery

Having a plan B on the big day is essential, and that doesn’t just mean a couple of brollies stashed away. No matter how supportive your platforms might seem, it’s a long day on your feet and you won’t want to miss a minute sitting on the sidelines rubbing your toes. Patch those tired gym trainers though, and treat yourself to a box-fresh pair of Converse with some custom embroidery by Stitched Forever. The nifty needlework costs £30, and a selection of thread colours are available to spell out your new name and wedding date.

4. Custom dyeing

Who said wedding shoes have to be white? Get your slingbacks in harmony with your colour scheme by using Rainbow Club’s Colour Studio service. First, find your footwear from the label’s extensive selection and order a colour pack for £25 filled with a rainbow of swatches. Once you’ve picked your desired hue, the team will delicately hand-dye your shoes to match. Handbags and shoe clips can also be treated and cost £15 each.

5. Personalised sole decals

Red soles might ordinarily be at the top of your wishlist, but when it comes to your special day you need to think out the box. These decals, available from, tick off your ‘something blue’ and have some on-trend modern calligraphy announcing your big news.