Fuze Ceremonies celebrates 10 years of marrying couples and supporting important causes

The humanist organisation is committed to delivering exceptional celebrant services for their clients, as well as doing good, with a percentage of fees from their weddings going to Scottish charities

A bride and groom smile at their guests whilst doing a tying the knot ritual
Photo: Joystory

Congratulations to Fuze Ceremonies and its charitable arm The Fuze Foundation, that are celebrating their 10-year anniversary. As well as marrying thousands of happy couples, over the past decade, the not-for-profit humanist organisation has raised thousands of pounds for a variety of Scottish charities, increased awareness about funeral poverty and provided ceremonies for those in need at no cost.

Their philanthropic goals are set to be just as important in this next chapter, with the foundation supporting Scottish Association of Mental Health (SAMH), Scottish Cot Death Trust and Children’s Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS), with a portion of the fees from every wedding going to these important causes.

A bride and groom hold hands as their celebrant performs their ceremony
Photo: Paul Budzinski

Morag Webster, Trustee of The Fuze Foundation said: “The Fuze Foundation will also extend support past the normal route of financial means. This will include, but not be limited to, a range of collaborations and initiatives focussing on knowledge sharing and working together to educate employees, individuals and families across a range of mutual topics.

“Coincidently, a 10-year wedding anniversary is associated with a gift of tin or aluminium, which symbolises strength and resilience,” adds Morag. “The Foundation aims to continue doing exactly that every day in everything that they do, and in particular as it supports SAMH, the Scottish Cot Death Trust and CHAS in 2022.” Many happy returns, Fuze!