Got a big day venue in mind? Groomswear stores give outfits to match

Nicole Conner gives experts at Scottish groomswear stores a wedding brief and they tell us what ensemble they’d pick from their collections to work on the big day

A look for a groom who is marrying in a church during spring, with pastel-coloured bridesmaids gowns to tie in with

“Our Islay Mist tartan is an excellent choice when it comes to coordinating with bridesmaids gowns. The soft lilacs, blues and purples in the check are a seamless match for countless wedding themes. To keep the subtle colour palette going, we would pair this tartan with our Oban Grey tweed jacket and waistcoat and soft grey and silver kilt accessories.” Holly Nicholl, MacGregor and MacDuff

MacGregor and MacDuff kilt to match the venue
Left: Tartan collection wedding dress, £POA, Joyce Young Design Studios and Oban grey tweed kilt outfit with Islay Mist tartan, from £1,095, MacGregor and MacDuff; right: Islay Mist kilt, from £260 to hire, MacGregor and MacDuff

An outfit for an all-day summer wedding party in a marquee, where the groom wants to be stylish but comfortable

“This outfit offers a Scottish twist on a classic formal garment that’s perfect for a smart, summer black-tie theme.  It’s a particularly good choice for a summer marquee wedding, as the transition from formal (for the ceremony) to casual is effortless with the removal of the jacket (and no doubt the tie) in the evening.” Lauren Henderson, ScotlandShop

ScotlandShop and Remus Uomo outfits to match the venues
Left: Shaw Ancient tartan tailcoat, from £680, and bow tie, £31, ScotlandShop; right: Ventura slim-fit black two-piece dinner suit, from £89, Slater Menswear

A formal outfit for a luxe castle wedding with a monochrome colour scheme

“In this instance, we would opt for a dinner suit as they exude elegance and sophistication. They have become an increasingly popular choice for weddings over recent years and are a must-have for any black-tie event. Wearing a dinner suit can help the guys achieve a polished and refined aesthetic that complements the luxurious atmosphere of a castle wedding.” Danielle Ferns, Slater Menswear

An ensemble for a groom who is marrying in autumn at a rustic barn setting

“This outfit is based around nature’s rich autumnal colours, making it perfect for a barn setting. The tonal Autumn kilt fits well with the understated tweed jacket, while the Highland accessories give the whole outfit a cool, rustic vibe.” Calum Grant, Slanj Kilts

Slanj and Slaters outfits to match the venue
Left: Autumn kilt, from £450, and Loden tweed jacket and waistcoat, £600, Slanj Kilts; right: Velvet dinner jacket, £199, and dinner trousers, £110, Remus Uomo

An outfit for a style-conscious groom marrying in a sleek five-star hotel

“We have the perfect luxe get-up for this brief: our formal dinner jacket/suit range. Our black dinner trousers and waistcoats perfectly complement our satin lapel jackets, which are available in fabric or four different-coloured velvet options for a truly fashion-forward gent.” Martin Rennie, Remus Uomo