Groomswear saviour MacGregor and MacDuff launches new Heritage collection

Faced with seemingly endless rails of tartan, it makes sense for overwhelmed grooms to start shopping with their own clan’s check in mind for their big day outfit. After all, not only does it whittle down a mammoth selection, but, as an extra bonus, it also adds a sentimental edge and a meaningful nod to family tradition. Win win!

The only problem is, narrowing the tartan choice down all too often limits style options too, as the store frustratingly might only have a few pieces in your specific check in stock. What to do? Enter MacGregor and MacDuff.

Established in 1979, MacGregor and MacDuff certainly has its fair share of tartans on offer (a staggering 4000 to be exact) but with the launch of its new Heritage line, sifting through these is infinitely easier. The collection allows customers to personalise their own complete Highlandwear outfit with a family tartan kilt and complementary clan crest accessories.

The range – which starts at £949 for an outfit including an eight-yard kilt, jacket, waistcoat, black shoes, socks, sgian dubh, kilt pin and various other accessories – is crafted entirely in Scotland and is divided into three separate, individually designed packages. All you have to do is to choose whether you’d like something contemporary or more historic in feel and apply your clan tartan and crest to the full package! Easy peasy.

The exclusive collection has been introduced to chime in with Scotland’s year-long celebration of history, heritage and archaeology, as owner Gerald Capaldi explains: “As thousands of people across the globe are encouraged to discover their Scottish ancestry, we created our bespoke Heritage collection especially for those looking to honour their roots with our range of outfits.

“Trends we’ve spotted in store and from our customers at our London fitting service indicate that more and more people are looking for Highlandwear featuring their clan tartan and our Heritage range fills this gap, providing the perfect collection of outfits that speak to this heritage but also with a variety of styles to suit any taste.”

Throughout October, MacGregor and MacDuff will also be releasing a podcast series, exploring the histories, mysteries and feuds of Scotland’s most well known clans.

The new line is now available in store and online, so there’s no excuse not to get in touch with your roots!