It’s prosecco o’clock at Dalswinton Estate thanks to a cute new van

Dalswinton Estate's permanent marquee set for a wedding

It’s official. We’re obsessed with, arguably, Italy’s most famous export. At one stage, it looked as if we might be running out of the bubbly stuff (perish the thought!) but thankfully, flutes of prosecco are still being clinked at every opportunity – especially at weddings. When was the last time you toasted a happy couple with champagne?

This fancy fizz is, inevitably, here to stay. It’s a good job then that the folks at Dalswinton Estate are on-hand with a steady supply of our favourite tipple. In fact, they’re so committed to the cause that they converted a van into a mobile bar stocked full of it. “Berry & Co is more than just a prosecco van,” explains Sophie Duncan, who, together with husband Will, runs marquee company Queensberry Events as well as the estate. “We can serve anything from prosecco and Pimm’s, to beer and gin!”

The Berry & Co presseco van
Photo: Hemera Visuals

It’s completely customisable to suit your beverage whims. “We offer packages but we prefer to have a chat with you in person to discuss what you would like and then we tailor our drinks to fit.” Although the van can travel throughout Scotland, we’d stick to Dalswinton and make the most of Sophie and Will’s insider knowledge of their venue.

Prices start from £650.