MacGregor and MacDuff and House Martin Barbers launch The Groom’s Room

Tweed jacket and waistcoat on display at House Martin Barbers
A new MacGregor and MacDuff tweed jacket and waistcoat on display

We’re well used to hearing about the bride and her squad getting pampered on the morning of the wedding – hair, makeup, champers, the works – but when it comes to the guys? Not so much. While the girls are being preened by professionals, the groomsmen are normally left to their own devices, figuring out how to tie their ghillie brogues, fighting over the bathroom mirror and flinging on their suit jackets at the last minute. You know, chaos.

We’re all for equality, and so, when MacGregor and MacDuff announced it was partnering up with Glasgow’s luxe House Martin Barbers to offer a top notch styling and dressing service for the boys called The Groom’s Room, we had to see it for ourselves.

Tools of the trade at House Martin Barbers

The award-winning barbershop is based on Bath Street and is the type of suave hideaway we could easily picture James Bond covertly booking into for a trim: the glossy, emerald subway tiles, polished wooden cutting stations and plush seating are already dapper enough, but throw in a poker room, whisky bar, mini courtyard and a coffee lounge area and you’ve got yourself one heck of a gentleman’s haven.

The (quite frankly brilliant) idea is that Team Groom will take over the whole space pre-ceremony, get groomed by some of the best in the business (either a hair cut or a shave, or both) and have the seasoned MacGregor and MacDuff team, who’ll personally deliver the kilt outfits to the barbershop, dress everyone to perfection. There’ll even be premium cigars, whisky and coffee to settle the lads’ nerves. Who’s got FOMO now?

Man getting hair cut
Features writer Rosie’s husband getting the chop

On launch night, we were lucky to sample the entire experience, with the House Martin team generously taking our other halves in hand for the hair cuts and shaves of their lives (the results were transformative) and making sure we had a steady supply of freshly brewed lattes and Chivas Regal whisky cocktails. It’s not your typical hangout, but it feels like you could definitely have a laugh here, without having to stress about which sock your sgian dubh tucks into or whether you’ve got a cow’s lick on the go.

“We are delighted to be bringing something new to grooms, combining the exceptional talents of House Martin Barbers with our bespoke dressing service, allowing us to help make the groom’s big day even more special,” explains MacGregor and MacDuff owner Gerald Capaldi. “The Groom’s Room will offer three different styling packages, Silver, Gold and Platinum, depending on the requirements of your group.”

House Martin Barbers' poker room
House Martin Barbers’ poker room

Speaking of which, prices start at £95pp for Silver, which covers rental of the poker room and lounge area, a 45 minute appointment for a cut or shave for each member of the gang, cigars, and the MacGregor and MacDuff staff on standby for dressing. If you plump for Platinum, at £245pp, you’ll bag yourself more time with the barbers and a gift bag full of goodies, including a hip flash, kilt pin and cufflinks – it looks like that’s the boys’ thank you presents sorted!

Why shouldn’t both parties be spoiled? We think you’re onto a winner, MacGregor and MacDuff.

A Chivas Regal whisky cocktail
A Chivas Regal whisky cocktail