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If the thought of being under the glare of the flashbulb for a day fills you with dread, let our camera-friendly guide on how to pose for bridal shots put your mind at ease

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• From above
Shots from above can be beautiful, but always tilt your face downwards lifting only your eyes towards the camera. That way you avoid seeing any ‘up the nose’ shots whilst still getting a lovely shot of your face.

• Arm movements Posing with your arms above your head can make a gorgeous shape. Bend your arms slightly and if there is an arch or low ceiling it always works as a good place to put your hands. Leaning to one side will give your body great curves.

• Lying down Laying down on your dress (especially if the skirt has a lot of material) is always a winner. You can gather the material from your dress and use this as a pillow. Be careful not to get make-up on it! Clasp your hands gently and gaze dreamily into the distance. This gives a real ‘fairytale princess waiting for her prince’ look.

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• On your front Lying on your front can give a beautiful view of your back. Looking downwards away from the camera also shows off another angle of your eye make-up, ordinarily not seen. Seeing as your wedding day may be the only day you will have your make-up applied professionally, you may as well show it off!

• How to hold the bouquet To pose with your bouquet, remember to hold it low down underneath your waist. That way, you show off as much of the top half of your wedding dress as possible and make your body look longer. As an alternative to holding it with both hands, try putting one hand on your waist to create a more interesting shape.

• Have a giggle The best photographs are often the ones which aren’t too posed. To capture a bride laughing is a wonderful moment so get your maid-of-honour or groom to make you laugh during your photo shoot. If your photographer can capture this, you will end up with a wonderful shot.

• Use your accessories Have fun with your accessories. If you have a bridal handbag, get it in one of the photos or you’ll forget you even had it. Try hanging it off one of your fingers with your other hand on your waist. With a haughty look or a smile, this can create a really different ‘editorial’-style photo.

• Twist to the side putting both hands on your hips with shoulders leaning forwards. This creates a lovely body shape.
• Run forward holding your dress with both hands. The movement from running should give the dress a beautiful swishing look. If you lift your dress up, be careful not to reveal your whole underskirt and hoop!
• Look down, one hand on your hip and the other gently touching your face. It creates a very demure and beautiful look.
• Sit upright and look off into the distance as if deep in thought. Remember that not all photos have to be smiley.
• Don’t be afraid to play with your expressions. Have fun practising in front of the mirror before the big day.

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Everyone has photographs of the bride and groom standing next to one another smiling. Try something different and get creative with your wedding photos, after all you will be looking at them for a long time!

• Dance of love Let the groom embrace the bride and tilt her backwards as you would at the end of a slow dance. It’s got movement and emotion. Don’t be afraid to gaze into each other’s eyes; it’s your wedding day and you are in love, so let the world see it! Sitting on the groom’s knee works nicely for this pose too.

• Up close and personal Don’t be afraid to get as close as you can to your groom – you just got married after all. With his arms wrapped around you, and yours on top of him you will look like a couple in love. Remember to smile – it’s a happy day!

• A little kiss Whilst in an embrace, the groom should gently kiss the bride’s forehead. The bride can close her eyes, gaze down and smile or look demurely at the camera. This creates a beautiful moment.

• Lean back The bride can lean backwards against her groom. This creates a gorgeous arch in the back and a great shape. Both bride and groom should look towards the camera with a sexy smirk for a photo with more attitude.

• Perch on groom’s knee The bride sits on the groom’s knee, with the groom’s arms around the bride’s waist. You should both be smiling in this shot. As an alternative, you should let your faces touch while smiling at the camera.

• Get playful For a bit of fun, the bride could show her garter or play with the groom’s collar for a more playful shot. To capture a moment of you both laughing, crack some jokes or if either of you are ticklish, get tickling!

• Cheers! Get the champagne glasses out and clink them together. It always makes a fabulous photograph.

• The bride puts one arm over her groom’s shoulder and the groom takes her hand. Then both bride and groom take a step forward as if about to walk to give the photograph movement.
• Both run towards the camera to create movement in the dress and body shapes. The bride looks up lovingly at her groom whilst he looks joyously at the camera.
• Bride and groom stand arm-in-arm smiling. The groom should lean in towards his bride to create a loving photograph. It’s a classic.
• Both look towards the camera smiling. This makes a good close-up shot.
• The groom lifts the bride up as you both look at each other with a smile.
• Almost kiss. Get as close as possible without ruining that lippy.

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• Watch those arms If you are in an embrace, don’t put your arm straight across the groom’s chest because the photo becomes all arm. Instead, place it gently on your hip, or around the groom’s waist. The groom should avoid putting his arm over the bride’s dress for the same reason.

• Don’t block your face Never pose with your arm in front of your face. When posing with your back or side towards the camera, it’s fine to put your arm around your groom’s neck, but remember to keep it low enough so your face can be seen.

• Flowers in position Photographs of the bride holding her bouquet are ever-popular, but don’t hold it so high it covers your neck and acts as a chin rest! Hold it lower down, just underneath your tummy to avoid hiding your dress. Remember not to hold your bouquet over your bust as it will shorten your body.

• All about the face It’s ok for the bride to look away from the camera with a dreamy expression, but remember to just turn your eyes away, not your whole face; or you could end up with an ‘up the nose’ shot. For the same reason, the bride shouldn’t lift her face too high when looking up at the groom lovingly. If you are clinking those champagne glasses don’t hold the glasses over your face and don’t cross arms too high or you will be hidden!

Words by London School of Modelling