Essential paperwork

Don’t let the paperwork trip you up; there are certain requirements you must meet and things you have to do

Planning Guide

Our in-a-nutshell guide to the basics of getting married in Scotland

Married at Twilight

Tammy Carmona, the renowned Hollywood wedding and event planner responsible for the wedding scene in Twilight: Breaking Dawn, reveals how to create a stress-free day that Bella and Edward would be proud of!

Being a short lead bride

Can’t wait to get married, why not fast-track your big day? One bride reveals how she planned her wedding in four months and shares her key decisions along the way…

Choosing the wine

With our top tips, you’ll soon be toasting with the perfect tinto. Snooty sommeliers and worrisome wine waiters can make choosing a wine in a restaurant tricky enough, but picking wine for your wedding can seem even more daunting, especially if you want to impress without breaking the bank.


Whether you’re hiring a live band, disco or DJ, here’s our guide to make sure your soundtrack is sorted


How to select the best wedding videographer to capture your big day