Snaps to treasure – a poll reveals UK couples’ favourite wedding photos

We could – and often do – spend hours looking through hundreds of wedding pics. But of all the moments a photographer captures on the day, which one do couples love the most?

Print experts Parrot Print have done a little digging, surveying couples across the country to find out which wedding picture they cherish the most – there’s only so much room on the mantelpiece after all.

All the big hitters are on the list – the close family portrait, walking down the aisle, the first kiss – but the rankings just might surprise you. In general, the older generations prefer the traditional staples of wedding photography, with pictures featuring all guests and generational portraits real favourites with the over-75s and Baby Boomers.

In contrast, younger couples (Millennials and Gen Z) love snaps that capture the quieter, more intimate moments, such as the bride getting ready and the first kiss. Could the influence of social media and the preference for candid looking snaps on the ‘gram be behind this generation gap?

Oh and grooms, we want a word: how come 25% of you said there wasn’t a single image you cherished at all? We know having your photo taken can feel a bit awkward if you’re not used to it, but there’s got to be one you look back on fondly, right?

Here’s the 12 top-rated wedding-picture types and where they came in on the chart…

1. Close family/generational photo (19.39%)

Couples from Edinburgh and Glasgow rated this as their top pick.

A bride and groom seated and surrounded by family members
Photo: Ryan White Photography

2. Couple walking down the aisle (17.19%)

Women cherish this image more than men, with 15% of men and 21% of women voting it their favourite.

A couple walks down the aisle after saying 'I do'
Photo: Derek Dunlop Photography 

3. All the guests (15.14%)

Men particularly like this picture, with 17% of men voting it their favourite compared to just 14% of women.

A group shot of all the guests standing on the steps leading up to the venue
Photo: Kalisterscope Photography

4. The first kiss as a married couple (14.14%)

People who aren’t yet married are most excited about capturing this moment when their wedding day comes around.

A couple kiss after saying 'I do' underneath trees
Photo: Alastair Burn-Murdoch Photography

5. Cutting the cake (13.09%)

This is the only pic that men and women agree on: 13% of both grooms and brides said it was their top photo.

A couple cuts a white cake with flower decorations
Photo: Steven McLeod Blythe

6. The bride walking down the aisle (11.64%)

This pic is more popular with Millennials than any other age group.

A groom looks at a bride as she walks down the aisle with her dad
Photo: Ashley-liv Jamieson Photography

7. The first dance (11.59%)

Millennials and Gen Z particularly like this shot.

A couple dancing their first dance as husband and wife
Photo: Jenniflower Photography

8. The bridal party (8.80%)

Gen Z ladies are most likely to treasure a photo with their bride tribe.

A bride and four bridesmaids hugging each other and laughing
Photo: SimonsStudio

9. The father of the bride seeing her for the first time (8.40%)

10% of women say this emotional moment made for their most cherished image.

A father cries when seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time
Photo: Natalie Holt Photography

10. The groom’s first look (7.65%)

Millennials love this shot more than any other age group.

A groom looks back down the aisle as the bride arrivesPhoto: Aboyne Photographics

11. The bride getting ready (6.45%)

This is a major favourite for Gen Z, with 13% saying it’s the wedding photo they cherish most dearly.

A hairstylist fixes a bride's hair while she's getting ready
Photo: Abrightside Photography

12. Other (1.4%)

Lots of snaps fall into this category, but we here at Tie the Knot Scotland have a real soft spot for a good confetti picture.

A couple stands under a shower of confetti thrown by their guests
Photo: Ashley-liv Jamieson Photography