Wakey wakey! The cutest matching sleepwear for you and your ‘maids

From silk kimonos to leopard-print PJs, make sure you and your squad are ready to nail those getting ready shots in perfect harmony

Robes from the Blossom range, £15, The Little Lovebird

Move over personalised hangers, there’s a new hot gift in town for your bridesmaids. This year, expect to see heavy downpours of co-ordinating robes with frequent spells of twinning jammies. Not only do these make a great pressie that your girls will actually use – not that an engraved compact mirror isn’t lovely, but when was the last time you whipped one out? – but it also starts off your wedding album in style. Your photographer will be on Cloud 9 as they snap away, capturing Team Bride looking fab in their patterned peignoirs. Our tip? Pick something for yourself that stands out, but still looks cohesive: add a personalised robe over a two-piece or put your bridesmaids in a different colour. Here’s some of our faves:

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