20 incredible metallic bridesmaid dresses

In its past life, the trusty metallic dress was a Christmas party go-to. You felt a little bit like an ’80s gameshow hostess but that was ok because the festive season forgives pretty much any fashion faux pas – when else could you wear an ugly jumper to so much applause?

Then bridalwear designers had the genius idea that bridesmaids shimmying down the aisle in something shimmery is Instagram gold. The first time we spotted a girl gang in some eye-catching all-sequin gowns we were transfixed, and it’s since become a major trend with an influx of big names joining in with their own sparkletastic styles.

Gold, silver and copper are flattering on a variety of skin tones and hair colours. Even combinations that shouldn’t work, seem to. For example, don’t presume you can’t dress blonde bridesmaids in gold – we’ve seen this work countless times. Our favourite take on the trend is to pick one base metal and play about with it: put one ‘maid in full glitz, another in a skirt with sequin crop, and pick out a Art Deco-inspired beaded gown to complete the set.

Scroll through our gallery below for 20 lust-worthy metallic frocks:

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