Bespoke wedding rings part 3: real couples share how they did it

You’ll be wearing your wedding rings everyday, so you’d better get exactly what you want! In the third of a four part series, Patricia-Ann Young hears from a couple who opted to go bespoke

Craig Johnston and Claire Waldie married at Windyheads Cottage in Fife and sealed the ceremony with rings by LumoBlue

a bride and groom exchange rings during their wedding ceremony
Photo: Danielle Leslie Photography

“We decided to go bespoke as we felt it fitted with our day’s very personal and rustic vibe,” says Claire. “Craig was after something very specific and unique. He also loved the idea of having something he had designed himself. I was looking for something dainty. We were struggling to find a jeweller who offered what we were looking for, and we couldn’t see anything that jumped out at us. My godmother mentioned that she’d got her wedding ring at LumoBlue and recommended we check out the website. We took a look and absolutely loved what we saw there. The rings were perfect – different and really good quality.

a flat lay of two wedding bands
Photo: Danielle Leslie Photography

“We went in for a consultation, and ended up being there for hours – we just clicked! Choosing something you’ll wear forever is pretty daunting, but the team made the process so comfortable – they were fab. They were super-honest and super-helpful with our ideas, and we loved that they were local to us in Aberdeenshire. They pretty much left us to design our own rings, but were with us every step of the way. They were open with their time and were really knowledgeable about all the different metal options they had. Craig opted for a matt-black ring, and it was the first time the studio had been commissioned to make one like that. They were very honest and told us that it might not work, but we decided to go ahead – and it turned out exactly how Craig wanted. He is so happy with it. It looks like it has two tones through it, and is really impressive. Mine is very slim, dainty and simple – pretty straightforward compared to his!

a bride and groom walk across a field
Photo: Danielle Leslie Photography

“Having our rings made bespoke brought us such a closeness and sense of individuality for something we will wear for the rest of our lives.”