Fern Photography support their couples every step of the way

There’s so much more to wedding photography than someone just turning up with a camera on the day. From first call to final album, this team of four Edinburgh wedding photographers put customer support and clear communication at the heart of what they do

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Smiling bride and groom holding hands while guests throw confetti at them in woodland

It’s been a tough year-and-a-half for everyone, hasn’t it? Fern Photography realised immediately when restrictions started that it was their role to offer as much support as possible to help their clients get through it.

“It came naturally to us as that approach has been the foundation of our photography business since we first started,” says Daniel Rannoch, one of four photographers behind the talented Edinburgh-based collective. “I firmly believe that we do when we aren’t pressing the button on the top of the camera helps our couples have a fantastic experience from start to end.

Bride and groom holding hands walking along a country road at sunset looking into each other's eyes

“We offer a personalised approach to photographing a wedding. By that we mean we make sure that we support couples in exactly the way they need that support. It’s important to us that your experience from start to finish is a happy one.”

How does that personalised approach look? At its heart is communication. “Establishing clear channels for clients to contact us is one of the most important part of our jobs as wedding photographers,” continues Daniel. “Getting in touch with us is easy and flexible. We use instant messaging (Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp) for conversations because they are all simply fantastic ways to chat.

Bride and groom hugging while standing on a wooden and wrought iron bridge with trees in background

“They allow us to have a more natural conversation with you, especially in today’s world where phone calls can be inconvenient and emails just end up in the junk folder. Because we use instant messaging, we are available almost permanently for questions and queries.

“In reviews we are consistently referred to as “the best communicators of all the vendors” – and we’re very proud of that. With such a flexible and natural way of communicating, we’re able to learn exactly the type of support we need to offer to be sure we capture all those memories in just the right way.”

The team’s attentive nature feeds into what they do as the wedding date approaches, as Daniel explains: “We check in with couples at regular intervals to see how they are doing and if we can offer any help or advice with the planning. We offer a pre-wedding session to all couples because they are a fantastic way of building on our relationship and offer them the experience of being photographed before the big day. During that session, we build up a picture together that will form our approach to portraits on the wedding day.”

Bride with red hair and tartan shawl around shoulders being hugged by a blond groom wearing tartan fly plaid and navy jacket standing in a field

In every interaction, the photography quartet make sure that things are simple, clear and barrier-free. “Our latest development has been to add online reservation. With photographers in such demand over the next 12 months, we knew it was important for couples to be able to secure a photographer without stress or FOMO.

“We absolutely hate pressure-tactic sales, so we created a way to eliminate it. You can now reserve a date with us by using our online calendar. It holds your date for 14 days, which gives you a chance to arrange a chat with us (as well as your other potential photographers), knowing that you have time to decide who is the best fit for you and your wedding. Obviously we hope it’s us!” laughs Daniel.