Five reasons you need a videographer at your wedding

Thinking about hiring a videographer to capture your wedding? Two filmmakers explain to Nicole Conner and Hazel Scott what they can bring to your celebration

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As a TikTok addict whose algorithm is heavily wedding-focused, I can spend a lot of time watching the gorgeous big-day highlights that pop up on my feed. What sets some of these clips apart is often the sheer professionalism of the way they’ve been filmed, cleverly setting the scene and really conveying all the emotion of the day.

Ian Mackay at Imack Productions and Julian Voigt of Julian Voigt Wedding Films, two guys who know what goes on behind the scenes, share their thoughts on what a film gives you that a photograph can’t.

Do I need a wedding filmmaker?

Your wedding day will be over in a flash, and there are bits you might miss altogether because you’re away being photographed, or you’re just so preoccupied you can’t take it all in.

This is one of the main reasons why Ian suggests a hiring videographer: “Capturing it on film means you get a chance to relive the day and also see all the special moments you might have missed.”

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What does a wedding videographer do?

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand more,” Ian tells us.  “Hiring a filmmaker is a great way to supplement the photographer’s snaps to help build a bigger picture of the whole day.”

At a wedding, a videographer will likely capture breathtaking drone shots of the venue, the couple’s reactions to each other’s vows, the guests’ laughter at the speeches and fun moments from the evening’s partying. They’ll film the day as it unfolds and compile the footage to tell a story.

How much does a wedding videographer cost?

The price will vary depending on how much of the wedding day the videographer is there for, the location, when the wedding is, and a number of other factors.

Ian reassures anyone planning a wedding that a filmmaker won’t break the bank. “People assume a videographer is an expensive service but a good high quality service is cheaper than most people would think.”

He adds: “A wedding is a once in a lifetime event and the memories from it are priceless.” But to help out with the cost, look out for discounts and promotional deals as well as companies offering payment plans.

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How many videographers do I need?

Since videographers are able to set up multiple cameras during your wedding, one person can capture different moments and angles. Julian explains that this might include: “The bride as she walks down the aisle, the grooms’ reaction, and the guests reactions, all in real time. One videographer equipped with three cameras can capture all of this.”

What’s the difference between having a filmmaker and photographer at my wedding?

Photographers and filmmakers play different roles, although they’re both there to capture moments from your special day.

Julian ventures that: “Film captures so much more than a still image can. Sound and movement all bring back so many more memories and emotions than photos alone are able to.”

To further explain what a wedding video encapsulates that photos can’t, here are some reasons to consider hiring a videographer for your wedding day.

1. Video captures expressions and mannerisms

A wedding video is not simply a nice keepsake of the day. Rather, according to Julian, it has the power to immortalise your loved ones: “How often do we gather all our nearest and dearest together in one place for one whole day?” he asks. “Your video is a way to cherish and remember everyone, as they may not be with you forever.”

While photos capture one still moment, video lets you see and hear exactly what was happening around that moment.

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2. You can hear what was said during the speeches and vows

Photos will show your guests laughing, but as time passes you’ll forget the actual jokes in the speeches. And while you’ll have pics of guests blubbing at the ceremony, your lovely vows can’t be heard.

You need video to capture both the sights and the sounds of the day, and this is another reason why Ian would recommend it. “Imagine a reading of an emotional love letter over the top of some beautiful music in the video, or reliving the vows,” he says. “Professionally recorded audio is a wonderful tool for getting all the joyful happy tears and emotions flowing while watching your big day back again.”

A well-made video tells a story, he adds, and this can be done through hearing the vows and speeches, and perhaps even an interview with the newlyweds.

3. Anyone who missed the day can watch videos to experience it

While it’s lovely to flick through a photo album, a video is more effective for transporting people back to your wedding day.

By being able to hear the vows and speeches, see the first dance and little moments from throughout the day, loved ones who are unable to attend won’t feel like they’ve missed a thing.

“Sharing your wedding film with them is the next best thing to them actually being there, as they’ll be able to experience everything that happened,” Julian explains. “We can even live-stream the ceremony in real-time if you like.”

4. Videos will help you relive all of the moments from your day

You wedding day will go by so quickly, and while you’ll try and soak in as much of it as possible, there will be moments that you miss, You can’t be everywhere at once, and wouldn’t you like to see what your partner and their wedding squad got up to on the wedding morning, or see how your guests reacted and interacted throughout the day?

Julian advises: “Video captures what the couple often don’t see. A videographer is an invaluable way of capturing all those memories as a keepsake to cherish and relive anytime throughout married life.”

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5. Videos can capture more emotion

Think about the emotions that films can evoke, it’s no different for wedding videos. They take you on a journey and paired with the right music or voice over it can really tug on your heartstrings.

Your wedding photos are a freeze-frame of what everyone looked like at that exact point in time, adds Ian, but videos capture people’s emotions. “This is an invaluable way of showing future generations what loved ones and older relatives were like, and tells a story of them in ways a photograph just can’t.

“It is also a fun way of embarrassing younger family members once they are all grown up, to show what they looked like as a cute page boy or flower girl,” he smiles.

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