Get w-day ready with no fuss thanks to a helping hand from Don’t Stress the Dress

Leave your worries at the door on the morning of your wedding courtesy of the Ayrshire-based company which is dedicated to getting you and your bridal crew get ready for the aisle without any hiccups

Woman helps bride get ready for her wedding day by fixing the back of her dress
Ayrshire-based Don’t Stress The Dress will help you get the show on the road smoothly, by steaming gowns and helping you get ready with no additional hassle

Wedding mornings can be stressful – trust us, we know. So allow Don’t Stress The Dress to get the show on the road smoothly, by steaming gowns, dressing the full bridal party and co-ordinating everyone.

The company will travel anywhere in Scotland to aid brides-to-be, and has gained the title of  ‘wedding fairy godmother’ during its years in the business.

Its top tip? Free your gown from the garment bag the day before the wedding  and hang it as high as possible in order to allow the material to relax and spread. It also suggests having all of your accessories laying out together, so there is no last minute panic trying to locate anything.

Bridesmaids wearing white dresses hug the bride as the group pose with their backs to the camera on left, and bride smiles for the camera as she is helped into her dress, right
The company can coordinate your wedding morning, by helping not only you get ready, but also your bride tribe so you all look your very best for the big day ahead

“Our main priority is to take care of the bride and cater for whatever she needs,” says owner Lindsey Paton. “From last-minute questions about the ceremony entrance, to presentation for photos throughout the day and emergency support for problems which can so easily pop up.”

With three years experience in the wedding industry under its belt, Don’t Stress The Dress has been praised for helping nervous brides, bridesmaids and mothers on the big day. It speaks volumes that previous bridesmaids dressed by Lindsey have jumped at the chance to have her attend their own wedding mornings. “They say they now couldn’t imagine getting ready on the big day without a helping hand,” says Lindsey.