Maxi-mum beauty

Sarah Gillespie looks at all the latest skincare options and lifestyle tips for MOBs



At a recent wedding, I was taken aback when the doting mum looked totally unmoved as her daughter walked up the aisle. After a little bit of digging, I discovered it was botox that was keeping her face straight – she’d had more work done than Jackie Stallone in the run-up to the big day. As the pressure to look good increasingly affects the mothers of the bride and the groom, more and more of them are willing to get ‘a little something’ done before the wedding. But with the right health and beauty regime, you can put the needles down, mamas!


“Looking good starts with good skincare,” says Kylie Macbeth of The Aisle ( “Vitamin C is a great ingredient to look for, as it is an antioxidant and has anti-ageing properties,” she adds. There’s a lot to be said for more sleep and more fruit and veg, and less alcohol, sun and smoking. “As we age, our skin dries out,” explains make-up artist Angela Mills ( “Avoid oil-free foundation as it dries out the skin further, becomes ‘cakey’, and feels tight on the skin,” she adds.


Instead of invasive (and expensive)procedures that might leave you with that tell-tale taut look, focus instead on having clear, radiant skin. Your daughter is old enough to get married – it’s okay if you don’t get asked for ID at the bar! “I rate microdermabrasion,” says Stacey Campbell of Jaks Hair and Beauty ( “It’s a deep clean for the skin, so two or three treatments ahead of time and you’ll be glowing!”

1 During menopause, the dermis (lower layers of the skin) can become disconnected from the epidermis (the top layers). Rodial’s Cougar Skin Zero Gravity Booster is designed to deliver advanced nutrients specifically to combat this. £150 for 30ml, Debenhams 2 Taking care of your skin in the sun is important not just for preventing the signs of ageing and sun damage, but to prevent skin cancer – it’s a no-brainer. We love Clarins Sun Care Radiant Oil Spray, £19 3 92% of women showed a significantly more ‘lifted’ look after a month’s use of Estée Lauder’s Resilience Lift. We like those odds! £63 for 50ml 4 We’d need a much bigger box to list all the benefits of taking cod liver oil, evening primrose oil and Omega 3, so trust us on this one and pick up a bottle of capsules combining all three from Holland & Barrett, £5.79 for 60 capsules 5 Madonna can have as much pricey work done to her face as she likes, but she’s fooling nobody with her reliance on gloves. She should try Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Eventone Age Spot hand cream – it’s purse-friendly and smells great, £4.49, Feel Unique 6 Joan Collins looks phenomenal for her age – so it’s no wonder she has brought out a collection of cosmetics and skincare. The Paparazzi Ready Lip & Powder duo is perfect for touch-ups on the big day. Introductory price £27.65, available from QVC See page 380 of BSW 37 for stockist details