PHOTO ALBUM: Fun, unique or chic? Themed weddings always go down a treat

Fern Photography

It’s always the turning point in any episode of Don’t Tell The Bride when the groom drops a theme into the mix. Without realising, you wriggle a little bit deeper into your couch cushions and reach for the popcorn. It’s television gold: a mischievous H2B decides that because his partner enjoys the occasional pic ‘n’ mix that they’d like a nauseatingly technicolour Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed wedding.

The results are more than enough to put you off having a central motif running through your own day. But they shouldn’t be. Inspiration can come in all shapes and sizes, and in varying levels of specificity. For example: ‘literature’ constitutes a much broader range of ideas that can be tied into wedding details – think bookmark favours and vintage hardbacks stacked as centrepieces – or you could focus on one particular book and draw out its nuances. The vast majority of your guests will grasp a bookworm-tinged day, but you’d lose some of them if you opted for a Harry Potter theme – in saying that, we saw Golden Snitch placeholders made out of Ferrero Rocher recently and who wouldn’t fawn over those?

You’ll take much more enjoyment in planning and seeing it all come together on the day if it’s a topic you have a shared connection with, so think about music, films, books or places you both love (even if that takes your lifelong dream of a Barbie wedding off the table). Ready to get inspired? These shots from Scottish photographers will get your creative juices flowing:

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From left: The GibsonsColin Johnston Photography
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From left: The Gibsons; Jeny Turner Photography
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