PHOTO ALBUM: No tantrums, all tiaras! Flowergirls that almost steal the show

Siobhan Diamond Photography

They say never work with children or animals, but we’ve already proved that your four-legged friends shouldn’t be left off the guest list. One quick scroll so through these photos and you’ll be thinking the same about kids. There’s a special place in our hearts for flowergirls though. Is it the mini-me take on a wedding dress? The cherubic ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ smiles? Or the visible effort they’re putting into their best-behaved princess performance?

Either way, give up some of the spotlight to at least one tiny dancer. Bonus points for confetti wands, flower crowns and a keepsake ‘big girl’ necklace she’ll love showing off. One last thing: on behalf of every sailor-suit wearing eighties flowergirl, don’t go overboard on the quest for cute. She won’t thank you when it flashes up on a projector screen at her 18th.

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