PHOTO ALBUM: The kids are alright! Little ones having fun on the big day

Having a no-kids wedding is definitely on the up. Despite the awkward pre-wedding clarification and potential clashes it might entail, the guarantee no-one will shriek they need to go for a poo during your ceremony is worth it. Or is it? One scroll through this collection of cuties and you’ll be calling the wedding co-ordinator to add a kids’ table and trying to source baby Converse to match your colour scheme.

Children are unpredictable, but as these photos show, it makes for some hilarious and heart-warming snaps. Your flower girl losing both front teeth before the wedding is cute, not a calamity! And you can always count on the under-tens to fill the dancefloor from the first song – unlike your friends, who’ll insist on being two Jägers deep before even considering stripping any willows.