Reach for the paint pots and make works of art with Good Things Creative

A traipse around Scotland’s pubs and clubs getting hammered while decked out in phallic paraphernalia might sound like a storming good night to some people. To others, though, it’s the stuff of nightmares. If you fall into the latter camp, Good Things Creative has a heap of activities that might be more up your street.

Offering an alternative and inventive hen party for the bride and her gals, the names behind the business, Jen and Jo, host crafty classes for all skill levels. So whether you’re a dab hand with a fountain pen already or haven’t played with acrylic paint in years, you won’t be excluded. The pair has over 15 years’ experience in the creative industries so will be able to keep you on the straight and narrow with encouragement and guidance.

You could practice your penmanship with a calligraphy workshop, unleash your inner florist with a giant paper-flower-making class, tick your stationery off the list by creating your own invitations, fashion some paper decorations for your venue decor or paint your own gift tags and wrapping. The team will also whip up a bespoke session if desired. You’ll leave with a whole host of new skills that’ll come in handy on the run up to your big day.