Scottish wedding caterers share their favourite finger foods

Throw out the forks and find yourself some napkins, as Amy Shearer speaks to Scottish wedding caterers about the fabulous world of finger foods

These delicious offerings from SANDO are totally w-day worthy in our eyes

There is a common misconception that wedding food must be properly fancy, eye-wateringly expensive and presented with full silver service to be w-day worthy. Of course, if that’s your preference, then go for it. I’ll never turn my nose up at a three-course meal ending delectably with some sort of sticky toffee pudding – it’s a classic for a reason. But with more couples now opting for more casual celebrations, it means the world is their oyster (or corndog or charcuterie table) when it comes to food offerings. We spoke to two Scottish catering companies about how you can take the tradition out of your wedding menu without compromising on taste.

Super street eats

What’s better than indulgent food? Indulgent food you can eat with no fuss. SANDO in Edinburgh have you covered with their delicious array of dishes inspired by pan-Asian cuisine – including their homemade Japanese milk bread, shokupan, which is used in their famed sandwiches.

Founder Gerald Warrack believes there is a “real market” for street food at weddings, and he and his team are able to provide their delicious eats on your big day by creating a specially curated menu suited to your tastes.

“Street food at weddings is becoming increasingly popular. Couples are no longer opting for stereotypical ‘wedding food’, but rather are choosing something that reflects them,” says the food expert.

“The beauty of street food is that we can set up almost anywhere. Whether you want to get married in the middle of a field and serve individual servings of what we call ‘standing-up food’, or would rather guests had sharing platters for that relaxed, casual vibe, we can make it happen. We have a pop-up gazebo which is a really fun set-up, but we are also able to take over the kitchen at a venue if the couple desire.”

(Left) Flat Flat White can sort you and your guests out with all the coffee and cake could need! (Right) Grazing more your thing? Let Graze For Days take care of your needs

 The loving graze

There is nothing worse than turning down food at an event as you aren’t hungry, then a while later feeling peckish…but the buffet is already cleared. That’s where Graze for Days comes in. The newly launched Glasgow grazing company offers grazing boxes, platters and tables for a number of occasions – including at various points during your w-day. 

Owner Catherine Hamilton tells us: “There’s a real appetite for more informal-type food, and grazing options are wonderful in that regard. Many of my clients have been replacing their canapés  with a grazing option, so every person gets a ‘charcuterie boat’ filled with an array of delicious meats and cheeses, perfect for nibbling and mingling. I’ve also set up grazing tables for the reception at night, so that guests can keep going back for tasty morsels in-between dancing!”

Catherine has also launched hugely popular ‘bridal brunch’ boxes that are ideal for the #bridetribe to enjoy on the morning of the wedding.

“My sister was getting married a few years ago and we didn’t know what to have for breakfast,” she explains. “Brides love being able to have ‘picky bits’ with a few drinks whilst getting ready. Brunch spreads ensure everyone is fuelled up for the day and aren’t waiting until the main meal before they eat!”

Love you a latte

If your favourite thing to do as a couple is go out for a coffee, don’t let the fun stop on your big day. A vendor like Uddingston’s Flat Flat White can pitch up on your w-day to fuel guests with coffee, cakes and bakes. That caffeine will prep you for the ‘Cha Cha Slide’!