You can meet Sheila Fleet at her upcoming event in Glasgow’s Princes Square

Sheila Fleet Jewellery is hosting an event at their Glasgow gallery where you can meet Sheila herself, watch jewellery being enamelled and get exclusive access to their new collection

Shelia Fleet jewellery designer and several of her jewellery pieces
Jewellery designer Sheila Fleet and several of her jewellery pieces. (Photos: Shelia Fleet Jewellery)

Sheila Fleet Jewellery has been creating beautiful and distinctive jewellery since 1993. She now designs made-to-order jewellery at her workshop in Orkney, working with gold, silver and platinum to create truly gorgeous and unique pieces.

From dainty silver pendants and rings to colourful statement pieces, there’s something for every taste and plenty of options to complement your bridal style. 

If you’re in the market for some wedding jewellery or you just fancy a browse, we’ve got all the details about their upcoming meet the designer event. 

Where is Sheila Fleet Jewellery based?

The designer has shops in Orkney, Glasgow, Edinburgh and St Andrews.

Although all of her pieces are made and finished at her home and workshop in Orkney, she will be hosting a meet the designer event in the Sheila Fleet Glasgow Gallery from 27th-30th April.

The Gallery is located on the first floor of Princes Square, and you can stop by from 11am to enjoy the event.

What happens at the meet the designer event?

While there, you can meet Sheila as well as see her latest designs and you’ll even get an exclusive preview of her upcoming designs!

If something catches your eye while you’re at the event, you’ll be able to get 10% off of the jewellery.

Cosmos Constellation ring with facet gems set in precious metals and mixed-metal interlocking necklace with bee and honeycomb design from Sheila Fleet Jewellery
A few of Sheila’s rings including the Cosmos Constellation ring with facet gems set in precious metals (centre ring in left image) and her mixed-metal interlocking necklace with bee and honeycomb design (right image). (Photos: Shelia Fleet Jewellery)

Sheila Fleet’s new jewellery collection

Not only is the meet the designer event taking place, but next weekend also marks the launch of Sheila’s new collection.

It drops on 28th April online and across all stores, with several new designs joining the Butterfly collection. And if you visit the Glasgow event on 27th April you’ll get early access to her brand new products!

Sheila Fleet Jewellery's Holly Blue Butterfly Collection
Sheila Fleet Jewellery’s Holly Blue Butterfly Collection. (Photos: Shelia Fleet Jewellery)

Watch the enamelling process

From 27th-29th April, you can also see how Sheila Fleet includes the vibrant colours that feature in so many of her designs. Watch the jewellery come to life as it’s enamelled live in the Gallery by one of their talented enamellers, Erica.

Shelia Fleet Jewelley enamelling process
Sheila Fleet Jewelley’s enamelling process. (Photos: Shelia Fleet Jewellery)

You can connect with Sheila Fleet Jewellery on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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