The future is bright at newly rebranded florist Fleur and Blume

fleur & bloom
Atmospheric arrangements are the order of the day at Fleur & Blume. Photograph: Andy Hamilton Photography

After three years as The Flower Girl, florist Ashley Bryden has decided to rebrand her bloomin’ marvellous company to Fleur & Blume as she opens her first shop in Clydebank.

In terms of aesthetics, Ashley favours a non-structured, free-flowing style, working with the flowers instead of trying to force them into an unnatural shape. She also loves to recommend interesting varieties that are a little ‘out there’ in an attempt to make each couple’s day completely unique.

With this fab new development, the superstar supplier has also set her sights on incorporating eco-friendly practice as far as she can. “I’ll only use cello that is biodegradable in as little amounts as possible, as well as Kraft boxes, twine and raffia,” Ashley shares. “I won’t be using floral oases, and will actively seek out local growers. I also make sure to tell customers how to dispose of their products and let them know what can be recycled.” 

And the good vibes don’t stop there. “I will also be looking to work with my community and employ residents when there is the opportunity, and to offer work experience placements to local students,” Ashley explains. “I also like to give back to the area. One of the ways I do this is by creating ‘lost’ bouquets: I make up bunches and leave them for people to find and take home. It’s had a really positive response so far!”

As well as her website, you can also check Ashley’s work out on Facebook and Instagram. Nice!