There’s so much more than getting from A to B when it comes to wedding transport

Only taking your vintage camper as far as the church? You could be missing out on fantastic photo opportunities and heaps of fun!

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Logistics have never been your strong point. Yet, here you are, trying to transport yourself and 100 guests from home, to ceremony, to reception and back again. But you get down to business, booking that fairytale fleet for your parents and troupe of bridesmaids and a coach or two for the rest of the crew to get to the church on time.

Job done, right? Wrong. Your arrival needn’t spell the end of the road. Capitalise on that otherworldly vintage car you’ve hired and factor it into the entire day, rather than leave it sitting idly on the driveway.

“Like everything else, transport raises questions of practicality and style,” says Fiona Scott from The Red Bus. “How do the bride and bridesmaids get to the venue? What about the guests? And is there a way of making the transport a major feature of the wedding without prohibitive cost? We would say yes.”

But how? Park the practicalities for a moment and consider style. Your chosen vehicle could help drive the look and feel of the day. “Whether the day is vintage, retro or modern, your transport can reflect the theme,” points out Joyce McCleary of Excalibur Wedding Cars

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Committed to the aesthetics of an era, such as the 1960s? With a little research, more historically accurate transport won’t jar with the theme as a whole and could become the central focus. “The Red Bus adds a vintage vibe to the event,” says Fiona. “The buses, two from 1961 and one from 1962, have original seating, lighting and chrome poles. Choosing this mode of transport offers the beauty of a fully working, iconic double-decker bus, while eliminating the need for up to 30 cars.” Practical and stylish? It is possible.

Involving your transport in the photography of the day, whether it’s perching on the bonnet and staging shots in and around the car itself or hitching a ride to more photogenic scenery, makes sense. “Transport can be used to travel to a different location for photographs,” explains Joyce. “Sometimes just a short trip can be well worth the journey to get photographs at a loch, a nearby park or somewhere that has meaning for the couple.”

The type of vehicle will dictate its suitability for photographs – a straightforward minibus, for instance, won’t add the same element of elegance as a Rolls-Royce or an Aston Martin. If in doubt, go vintage, as modern cars are more likely to date the shot. “A horse and carriage can provide a lovely backdrop for photographs,” says Lorraine McIndoe of McIndoe Horse Drawn Carriages. “We are more than happy to spend time with the bride, groom and photographer to make sure they have a lasting memory of the day.”

Another possibility is taking shots inside the car – and we’re not just talking artful pics of the bride and her father having a tearful conversation in the back seat. “Transport can be transformed into a photobooth,” suggests Katrina Ross of Love Vintage Campers. “We’ve joined forces with Edinburgh-based company Blushbooth to provide a camper photobooth.” Say cheese!

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Journeys to and from the ceremony venue are a given, but what if you could squeeze in a few more outings, to make the most of having luxury, fantasy transport to hand? “We have been asked to take the couple to lay a wreath at a loved one’s grave,” says Joyce. “A trip can also give the bride and groom a few minutes alone to reflect on the day, enjoy their first moments as husband and wife together and to gather their thoughts.”

Other than a brief escape for the couple, transport can also serve as entertainment for the guests, while you’re mingling or with your photographer on the other side of the grounds. “A carriage can be used to take guests, especially children, for a small drive to get a taste of the experience of travelling back in time in a horse-drawn carriage,” suggests Lorraine.

Why not consider your transport as your ceremony venue too? “The Red Bus has acted as the venue itself, parked somewhere beautiful like Arthur’s Seat,” says Fiona. “Couples can then take their vows on board or just outside.” Piling your guests onto a bus means that you can drive to any spot you fancy for the ceremony. “Often it has been the place where the proposal was made! One couple walked up the aisle of the bus and then sat in the front two seats with the celebrant beside them,” adds Fiona. Aww!