Extras that’ll make your wedding film Oscar-worthy

Want your wedding film to top the charts? Surprise your guests with something extra special

Words by Sarah Gillespie


We tend to associate drones with spy surveillance and the future of Amazon deliveries, so you may be surprised to hear they’re currently swooping into the Scottish wedding film market. Strawberry Wedding Films is one company that offers this mega-futuristic service. With the aerial footage used to set the scene for the opening shots of your film, it’ll add a sprinkling of big-screen drama to your own personal rom-com. And if you need some convincing, we’re sure your hubby-to-be will be droning on about them (sorry!) after reading this.

Strawberry Wedding Films

Invitations and thank-yous

A save-the-date card would have to be pretty special to rival a beautifully shot clip of the happy couple notifying guests of their plan to invite them to their big day. One company that has brought this very American trend across the pond is White Balloon Wedding Films. It has been popular with creative couples looking to capture their personalities on video, and it’s expected to take off as the push for originality drives brides and grooms into ever more unique ways to shake up tradition. At the other end of the process, if you love the way your wedding was filmed, why not hook up with your filmmaker again and make a lovely thank-you vid for your friends and family instead of sending out cards?

Same-day edit

Everyone understands that weddings are expensive, and that it’s not possible to invite all your friends for the whole day. Even so, the concept of ‘evening guests’ still makes some couples feel awkward. Take it from us: your guests will be happy just to be involved in any way they can, but if you’re still feeling guilty, hiring a filmmaker who offers a same-day edit service could be the solution. They’ll turn around a short highlights video of the day so far, to be screened during the evening reception. Your guests won’t need popcorn and a comfy seat, but they’ll get a glimpse of the ceremony – and it’s a great first peek for you!

Wedding hub

As we all get more tech-savvy, some couples set up their own wedding website to keep all the important details of the day in one handy place. That sounds to us like time that could be better spent shopping! Strawberry Wedding Films is happy to do the graft instead, setting up your very own wedding hub for you. Email your guests your unique link and they can RSVP electronically, check out the location on Google Maps, and even get a peek at the wedding menu. If you decide to record a wedding invitation film, this can also be included in your hub. And if that’s not enough, after the wedding a selection of videos will be uploaded, including highlights from the big day, a marryoke (if you opt for one) and a montage of your photobooth or wedding snaps set to music you’ve picked. This means as long as you have internet access, your wedding films are only a click away – great news for you, less good for your friends if you force them to watch again every time you’ve had one too many!


We’ve yet to see a marryoke that didn’t make us giggle, even when it’s of people we don’t know, so imagine how funny it would be when it’s your dad rocking out with an inflatable guitar. By getting your most up-for-it guests to mime along to one of your favourite songs, you’re creating a hilarious memento of the fun side of the day, a perfect counterpart to the more formal photos. The team at Butterfly Wedding Films don’t just capture a quick lip-sync; they film guests throughout the day mouthing their lines, then weave the footage into other wedding highlights, to produce what looks like a crazy family-filled music video!