Getting groomed: Skincare and hairstyling advice for grooms

Looking good and feeling great should be a universal w-day experience. Amy Shearer hears how grooms can be the best version of themselves for tying the knot

Looking good on your big day is a universal experience (Photo: Shutterstock)

It is fair to say that if you’re at the stage where you’re about to make it official with the love of your life, they probably already think you’re pretty dapper. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be making a wee bit of effort on the biggest day of your life, both for your partner’s sake and your own. For some guys, this is second nature. For a lot of others, though, the thought of having all eyes (and cameras) on you can make you feel overwhelmed and even a tad insecure.

The good news is that there are people out there who can help you to look great. Nobody is suggesting making massive changes (if you’ve had that beard for 14 years, you might want to hang onto it). But we had a chat with two professionals to hear how grooms can get themselves ready for the moment they say ‘I do’.

Don’t just leave it to the ladies

Whether you know your way around the skincare aisle or think SPF is a ’90s dance band, it is always worth asking the experts for a steer. Dr Claire Louise Narrie, of Infinity Skin Clinic in Edinburgh, says “times are changing” and enquiries from men are on the rise. “There has been a real increase in men being aware of skincare and appearance,” she tells us. “The past year has seen a noticeable shift, and men are now much more open to what they can do and how they can get help. We want everyone, regardless of gender, to feel their best on their big day.”

Dr Narrie’s advice is to start as soon as you can if you’re planning a skincare treatment as you want it to be completed before the wedding date.

“Each treatment is tailored to the needs of the client, since what works for some won’t work for others,” she says. “An initial free consultation lets me advise what would suit you. I can offer high-frequency treatments for acne; skincare and product advice; anti-wrinkle injections; and many other therapies. A lot of grooms opt for hyperhidrosis treatment – not having to worry about sweating is always a plus!” 

Dr Narrie believes it’s never too late to start a course of treatment if you feel you’d benefit from it. “And it’s definitely not just for the bride!” she adds.

Let’s hair it for the boy

House Martin Barbers helps grooms to smarten up as the big day approaches

King of the short back and sides? Prefer more lustrous locks? Either way, you’ll want your hair looking suave as you tie the knot. Do it in style with a visit to Glasgow’s House Martin Barbers: the team there really know how to treat you right. As well as professional haircuts and shaves, you can opt for a package that includes whisky, coffee and premium Cuban cigars for you and your groomsmen. It’s all part of the on-site ‘Groom’s Room’ that you can book for the morning of the wedding. They can even organise a kilt outfit delivery and dressing service from nearby MacGregor and MacDuff.

Owner Stephen Martin has plenty of ‘hair-oic’ advice too: “The style of your haircut dictates when you should visit the barber,” he says. “If it’s a skin-fade style, go as close to the big day as possible. For other haircuts, I’d suggest three or four days before. If you’re opting for a beard trim, it’s worth getting that done the day before the wedding.”

What about a change of hairstyle? Stephen reckons that opting for something “timeless” is the key to success: “You don’t want to look back on your photographs with regret. Pick something classic and you won’t go wrong.”