Add extra meaning to your handfasting ceremony with A Wee Favour’s personalised delights

The Stirling-based company also makes a number of tartan accessories that are sure to add some Highland flair to your big day

Personalised handfasts on left and tartan hip flask with 'Best Man' written on the front on right
Left: The company makes personalised handfasting ties which can be adorned with your names and special date; Right: It also makes a host of tartan accessories, like the snazzy best man hip flask

The trend for including symbolic handfastings in ceremonies is still going strong, and A Wee Favour makes striking handfasting ties to add even more meaning to the moment.

“I started the company 2017,” owner Claire Fell tells us. “It’s grown fantastically, and now I have my own shop. Aside from the personalised ties, I can also make a host of tartan accessories, including tartan roses, buttonholes, corsages, hip flasks and bouquets.”

Claire has also recently learned the art of kilt making, and offers handmade options, making this a one-stop-shop for all things tartan related.