Blooming brilliant: five Scottish florists pick the perfect bouquet for wedding dresses

In need of floral inspiration? We gave Scottish florists a standout bridal look and asked them to create a bouquet that would be in perfect harmony

Floral Fantasy

A wedding dress with floral embroidery from Sassi Holford and flowers from Bloom Room Florist
Left: Lily gown with hand-stitched pastel flowers, £POA, Sassi Holford; Right: a closeup of pink hued blooms from Bloom Room Florist

“This stunning Sassi Holford dress makes me think of springtime, with its youthful and romantic feel,” shares Angela Brown of Bloom Room Florist in West Lothian. I would pair it with a bespoke hand-tied bouquet using blooms that won’t break the bank. I think Bounty Way roses would pick up the lilac and lavender tones, paired with white Avalanche and pretty pink roses. Thistles would also emphasise the pop of blue and keep the theme Scottish.”

Pretty and Perennial

A toffee toned bouquet from Fleur and Blume and a dress from Aire Barcelona at Kudos Bridal Boutiques (Dunfermline)
Left: A toffee toned year-round bouquet with roses and eucalyptus, made to order, Fleur & Blume; Right: Illart mermaid gown with V-neckline and open back by Aire Barcelona, available at Kudos Bridal Boutiques (Dunfermline)

“This Kudos gown is striking, so we would want to make sure the bouquet shape doesn’t detract from the dress,” advises Ashley Bryden from Clydebank’s Fleur & Blume. “An asymmetrical style would work wonderfully, using toffee roses, white scabiosa, hanging and straight amaranthus, snowberries and lots of eucalyptus. We pictured an imaginary wedding taking place in a cathedral, vineyard or the Amalfi coast, and we wanted to choose flowers that would be available all year round.”

Modern Love

A woman holds a white bouquet and a woman wears a white bridal jumpsuit
Left: Contemporary block-colour bouquet, made to order, Fauna Flower Folk; Right: Cosmo organza shirt with bishop sleeves and Jade silk wide-leg trousers, both £POA, Catriona Garforth

“I would pair this contemporary outfit with a block-colour bouquet, where all the stems are the same shade,” thinks Ange Hogarty from Fauna Flower Folk. “Here, I’ve used a selection of peonies, stocks, carnations, roses and ranunculus, with an extra anthurium for texture. This changed the shape and style when holding the bouquet, and made it look very modern from the front; however the roses were visible from the back, which made it more classic in appearance.”

Great Outdoors

A blush pink bouquet from Narcissus Wedding Flowers and a sparkly wedding dress from Chosen by KHYA, available at Opus Atelier
Left: Classic, relaxed bouquet in blush and champagnes, made to order, Narcissus Wedding Flowers; Right: Luna full-skirted sparkly dress by Chosen by KHYA, £6,565, available at Opus Atelier

“This Opus Atelier dress, with its beadwork and delicate blush tones, reminded me of a bouquet we made recently in warm champagne hues,” reflects Narcissus Wedding Flowers’ Katherine Taylor. “We used Café au Lait dahlias, ivory garden roses, phlox and ammi, as well as wispy pink sweet peas. This bouquet has more of a ‘garden’ feel, so I can see it paired with a dress like this outdoors on a balmy summer day.”

New Romantics

A bouquet from Studio Seapink with pink and blue accents and a long sleeved wedding dress from True Bride
Left: Summer bouquet with peonies, roses, sweet peas, stocks and nigella, made to order, Studio Seapink (Photo: PJ Phillips Photography); Right: Steph A-line dress (style W391) with high neckline and tulle bodice, £POA, True Bride

“The sweeping shape of this bouquet works wonderfully with a fuller dress, particularly if, like this one, there’s a simplicity to the silhouette,: considers Jenny Bell Harman from Studio Seapink. “The natural, organic feel of the flowers echoes the botanical detailing on the gown, and the matte, gauzy fabric is complemented by the soft, dusky palette of the bouquet.”