15 brilliant Scottish bakers show off their favourite wedding cake ever!


Cherry On Top

"This cake, which took over 40 hours to create, was designed to reflect the bride’s wedding dress. There is delicate edible lace cascading down the top four tiers, and a handmade brooch made from edible crystals and pearls."

Custom Cakes by Lynsey

"I was over the moon to be given free rein in designing my mum’s wedding cake this year. The only brief was to include the groom’s love of steampunk design, but also to reflect my mum.
Her style is dainty and eclectic, so I had to make sure it wasn’t too dark – I knew it had to involve pretty flowers! I had some paper roses made from old maps by ScissorKick Design and I made a mixture of sugar-paste flowers to dot around the cake."
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Designer Cake Boutique

"This Alice in Wonderland cake was for a quirky couple who wanted something unique and unusual to make their wedding that little bit extra special. It created a magical fairytale-themed experience for guests."

The Enchanting Merchant Co.

"The colour palette I used on this cake was various shades of pink and green. By coincidence, I’d recently seen an Art Nouveau brooch with similar colours, so I based my creation on the design of the brooch and incorporated sugar pearls, hand painting, sugar flowers, royal icing piping and wafer paper."

Glamour Cakes

"Although this cake wasn’t the most technically challenging to make, I had absolutely no idea what the end result would look like! The bride wanted a draped effect and liked my idea of something informal and messy. I pretty much threw the fondant on to see where it would end up. It has become one of my favourite cakes but I’m not sure if I could replicate it!"

Happyhills Cakes

"This cake was a real labour of love – every single one of the edible beads was placed on by hand. I love my cakes to be unique to each couple and this was a lovely way of including their specific designs and colours. It has given lots of other brides inspiration on how to include beading, but in their own individual way."

One Fine Day

"One of the more challenging cakes we’ve constructed was this four-tier wedding cake. It had six different royal icing piping techniques: broderie anglaise, brushed embroidery, tube embroidery, direct piped lacework, polka dot swags and piping of initials of the happy couple. The initials had to be in a particular font that the couple had used throughout their theme, while the colour was matched to the bridesmaid dresses."

Rosewood Cakes

"The handmade sugar flowers on this cake were extremely fragile – each peony had to be made over two days, so it took nearly a week to make. Each flower requires an entire packet of florist icing, and each petal is individually cut, ruffled and left to set. You then need to leave them to set overnight before finishing the next day.  Even though they’re very labour-intensive, I find it really calming to make them!"

Special Days Cakes

"This was our own wedding cake, so it had to be extra special! It stood 9ft 3in, weighed one and a half tons
and needed a mini forklift truck to move it into the marquee! And it took the team 12 weeks to make it." 

Three Tiers & Tea

"I wouldn’t like to think how many hours I spent making this cake, but it was worth every minute to see the finished result. I worked with the couple’s wedding planner, Jordana Events, and I had a custom stand built for it that incorporated a central rod to ensure every tier and spacer (for fresh flowers) would remain in position even if the table was leaned on. The stand also had a built-in level that carried the upper tiers, taking a great deal of weight off the smaller base tiers." (Photo: Parris Photography)

Tilly Makes Cake

"This cake took a lot of planning, and it definitely helped that my husband is an engineer! It required a food-safe structure to keep it secure – I don’t want to give away too many secrets, but a hacksaw played a big role, and a few trips to B&Q were needed! The time on the clocks can be personalised to represent the time you’ll be getting married, or other special times in your relationship."

Fay’s Cakes

"The single oversized peony on this cake has 47 individual petals, and the bottom tier is very time-consuming – it can take up to four hours on decoration alone. It is made using a five-petal flower cutter, then the edges are frilled and scrunched. It can be made in any colour." 

Liggy’s Cake Company

"This was a commission we made for a couple who loved the Forth Rail Bridge – the groom was an engineer.  We included a train, rocky islands and a decidedly Scottish choppy sea! This particular cake was especially challenging as it required a fair bit of cake engineering to stabilise it, not to mention to hold it together for the drive to the venue!" 

Truly Scrumptious Designer Cakes

"This is our all-time favourite wedding cake. The pair of swans look stunning together, but we’ve also made this cake as a single swan,  or as a swan and cygnet too. It’s an elegant statement cake that is different, without crossing over to joke or novelty territory."


"It’s quite trendy now to have a half- and-half decorated wedding cake, so this design combines traditional white cake with yummy chocolate.
I love the gravity-defying aspect – it always catches everyone’s eye when I take it to wedding shows. It’s not a cake that takes long to make, but it’s totally different and is a great talking point!"