Hair saviours! Five fab products that will solve your hair dilemmas

When was the last time you spoke to a woman that had no complaints about her hair?

Gals with straight hair like to moan about the short life span of their curls, while their curly haired friends roll their eyes and show off their split ends from straightening. While those with thin hair wish they could wear their hair down more, thick-haired girls dream of hair that doesn’t take half an hour to dry. Enough! Your hair is your hair. Embrace it and make the most of what you have. We’ve picked our five favourite problem-solving hair products so you can stop making your mane such a bane!

YOU’VE GOT: curly or frizzy hair

Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight, £21.50, Aveda
People that don’t have curly hair normally think it’s great. That’s because they don’t know it takes a fair amount of time and effort to tame it. Anything that can minimise the cash, sweat and tears wasted on transforming yourself from Linda from Gimme Gimme Gimme to Lana Del Ray gets our vote. This new product from Aveda progressively straightens curls as you blow dry your hair, but also builds with every use to make styling your hair easier and faster. It contains organic cassava root, which helps form a barrier against humidity – making it a great product for summer.

YOU’VE GOT: greasy roots but damaged ends

Lee Stafford Oily Roots Dry Ends shampoo and conditioner, £8.99 each, Boots
The trend for ombre and dip-dyed hair has left many of us in hair limbo: dry and brittle lengths but rapidly greasy on top. You might have noticed that when your hair is colour treated or bleached it doesn’t get as greasy (even though it affects the condition) so when you end up with the worst of both worlds – damaged ends but your hair over-producing oil at the root – you probably begin to wonder if being on-trend is really worth it. Help is at hand courtesy of Lee Stafford’s new range. A detoxifying shampoo and light moisturising conditioner will restore your hair’s natural balance by mopping up excess sebum and nourishing dehydrated ends with Shea Butter. Fans of Thierry Mugler’s Angel will be delighted to note a slight similarity in scent. Heavenly!

YOU’VE GOT: damaged hair

Hair Doctor, £6.95 for 95g, Lush
If your hair is over-processed, heat and colour damaged and generally not having a good time, then twenty minutes with this Lush mask on will give it the time-out it sorely needs. Using fresh, natural ingredients, it keeps product build-up at bay, nourishing and cleansing the hair with Irish moss powder, chamomile blue oil, extra virgin coconut oil and Fullers Earth (a cleansing clay that absorbs oil). Use it in a hot bath or steam room at the gym to intensify the product with some gentle heat (or if you’ve got the house to yourself, a plastic bag on the head can work wonders too!).

YOU’VE GOT: thin hair that lacks volume

00l_0514Maximista Thickening Spray, £25, Oribe, available at Space NK

Spray this product on damp hair, ensuring you’ve covered each section, before blow-drying. It has the latest technology to add texture and volume, as well as providing protection from heat styling. Use it before your rollers or wand, gently pulling the ringlets out to create chunky, loose curls that give off that chic-yet-relaxed vibe. Team it with a cute floral circlet for laid-back bridal beauty, or for stomping around T in the Park!

YOU’VE GOT: tuggy hair that takes forever to brush out

Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash detangling hairbrush, £12.99, Feel Unique

As we hover on the precipice of wedding season, our hair is beginning to feel nervous. But you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to team a fabulous hat with a gorge up-do just because you are worried about the next day. True, when you finally unleash the beast that your hair’s become you start to contemplate doing a Jessie J and shaving the whole thing off. Fans of the Tangle Teezer (and there are plenty) will be delighted to discover there’s a new non-slip version that’s perfect for brushing out backcombed hair when conditioning or using a hair treatment.