I’ll be there for you: what if Jennifer Aniston had a Friends themed wedding?


It was the day the gossip mags told us would never happen, but Justin Theroux has finally tied the knot with our #WCW Jennifer Aniston (and when it comes to Jen, that means woman-crush-week-long).

After a three-year engagement, the couple apparently duped guests into thinking they were attending a surprise birthday party for Justin at their Bel Air home, while they kept the press off the scent by using a vacant property nearby for deliveries and to stash the all-important dress.

The big day was jam-packed with celebs including Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Kimmel, Tobey Maguire and Emily Blunt, but we were most excited to hear that Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox joined in the celebrations, with Jennifer’s BFF Courteney taking up the maid of honour role.

It got us thinking – what if Jen and Justin themed their bash around the bride’s most-loved character and pals? Here’s eight ways you can celebrate your love of Friends on your wedding day:

1.Friends printable invitation, £13.25, LittlePebblePaper at Etsy.com

Friends TV Show invitation printable


2. Friends wooden sign, £43.05, CustomizedByCristina at Etsy.com

Friends wooden sign


3. The Perfect Blend coffee favour bag, from £100 for 120, eBay

Coffee favour bags

4. Friends printable chocolate wrappers, £5.89, BlossomTreeDesigns at Etsy.com

Friends printable chocolate wrappers

5. Lobster plush toy with ‘You’re my lobster’ t-shirt, £12.95, Amazon

Lobster plush

6. Friends morse code bracelet, from £14.57, DashDotDashDot at Etsy.com

Friends morse code bracelet

7. Blackboard wedding sign noticeboard, £9.50, The Wedding of my Dreams

Blackboard wedding sign

8. Friends wedding cake, via Pinterest