Let’s raise a toast to Scotland’s best mobile bars – sláinte

Keeping guests well-watered is essential for a successful wedding day. Take inspiration from some of the nation’s most sought-after mobile bars and everyone will be merry from noon to night…

Wild Highland Drinks Co.

wild highland drinks co cart
We’re trying to imagine a more breathtaking backdrop to enjoy your first marital tipple. Our minds are coming up blank… (Photo: Angus Mackay Photography)

It’s the dawn of a new day over at Wild Highland Drinks Co., as the mobile hire bar has come under new management. “I’m delighted to have been able to keep this fabulously unique business in the Highlands of Scotland,” beams new owner Rebekah Brett-Pitt. “It’s my home, where I was born and grew up.”

Serving up bubbles, beers and bespoke cocktails from a vintage Indian tuk tuk (AKA ‘The Wee Dram Van’) and working closely with local suppliers, we’re pretty confident that if you enlist Rebekah’s help for your event she’ll be able to deliver the goods, and then some. We can’t wait to see where she takes the company. Vroom vroom!

The Dispensary Bar

The Dispensary Bar hot air balloon bar and a cocktail by the Dispensary Bar
Left: The Dispensary Bar’s cool hot-air balloon bar (Photo: Harper Scott Photo); Right: the ‘Ever So Grapeful’ cocktail is a delectable combo of rhubarb and ginger gin, lavender-infused honey syrup and grapefruit juice topped up with soda water

In other beverage-related news, have you given any thought to your drinks menu yet? Your wedding is a day for celebration, and if there’s a better way to commemorate a special occasion than with a fancy cocktail, we’ve yet to hear of it. Ensure your guests are suitably wowed by enlisting the help of The Dispensary Bar, which can serve up such delights as passionfruit martinis, old fashioneds and brambles.

Prices start from £800 for 100 of your three chosen cocktails and includes glassware, but the cost can be discounted if you opt to forgo its unique hot air balloon-style bar. But, when it looks this darn cool, why on earth would you want to? Instead, catch us spamming the ’Gram as we help ourselves to our fourth strawberry daiquiri. You’ll want to watch this space – this supplier is on the up, up, and away!