Planning an outdoor Scottish wedding? Nomadic Washrooms are taking toilets to the next level

If you’re still reeling from grim memories of the Portaloos at T in the Park, spare your guests the horror and hire Nomadic Washrooms’ sumptuous loo and shower blocks for your outside wedding

Toilet block by Nomadic Washrooms
If it’s not a Nomadic Washrooms toilet block, we’re holding it in

Your festival-inspired nuptials are coming together nicely on that Pinterest board – you’ve got visions of teepees, dreamcatchers and fields. Sorted, right? Not to be indelicate, but have you thought about the toilets? No one wants to navigate a Portaloo in couture and Nomadic Washrooms are the furthest cry from that nightmare.

“In 2018, we were planning our nuptials and realised that the only thing missing for our travel-themed wedding was quirky, eye-catching toilet facilities,” say founders Kate and Stu Richards. “Instead of settling for a luxury box-trailer toilet, we decided to dress up the stable loos at our venue – and that was where the idea was born. We knew we could offer something similar but in a mobile form for others with big ideas just like us!”

Nomadic Washrooms' hut interiors
How gorgeous are the interiors? The upcycled bucket sinks and Edison bulbs get our seal of approval, and we’ll definitely be hogging the mirrors

Guests can take care of business in one of the brand’s four varieties of authentic shepherd’s hut: there’s the Little Shepherd (below), a smaller unit with two bathrooms that’s ideal for intimate weddings (handy, given the current climate); the Shepherdess, which is designed for up to 150-175 guests over an 8-10 hour period, with two ladies cubicles, one gents and a urinal; the Master Shepherd (pictured top and above), which is the largest, with three female cubicles, one gents and two urinals for 250 guests and over; and, finally, an accessible hut with wheelchair access coming very soon. They’ll also throw in an attendant and toiletry baskets as optional added extras.

If your venue is even more, ahem, ‘rustic’, shower hire is also available (check out the below). This is the Little Shepherd, as mentioned above, whose two bathrooms also feature spectacular built-in corrugated iron shower cubicles with copper shower roses – a relief for any loved ones who are planning on camping out on site.

No roughing it for you!

Shower unit by Nomadic Washrooms
This cute little hut actually contains showers – talk about glamping!