The Kingdom of Fife has inspired painters, poets and songwriters. So it’s no surprise to discover that local wedding suppliers are also drawing on the region’s treasures for their creations. We find out more

Great ideas can be found everywhere – so long as you know how to look. Three women who do just that are milliner Lisa Jones, florist Suzy Burnett and baker Caroline Calder. These talented creatives find themselves constantly drawing inspiration from
their local surroundings, giving their work a distinctive flavour of Fife.

If you’re planning a wedding in the region, their hats, bouquets and cakes will complement the rest of your day and celebrate the delights of Fife at the same time.

Cake Couture by Caroline 

Caroline Calder of Cake Couture by Caroline prioritises local ingredients when she bakes everything from Lambeth cakes (a vintage style of cake decoration with intricate piping details) to tasty semi-naked buttercream masterpieces.

“All my fruit is sourced from local growers and my eggs come from a nearby farm,” she smiles. “I use local companies to purchase other ingredients as well.”

Her environment sparks creativity too, she adds: “If I haven’t been to a venue before I will always research it to see the vibe the couple are going for. There is so much going on in Fife – beautiful beaches, woodlands and modern architecture – to take inspiration from.”

A three tier wedding cake on the left and a woman wearing a thistle fascinator on the right

Right: (Photo: Ange Harper Photography)

Off With Her Head Millinery 

Looking for a Caledonian haute couture headband or a bonnie final touch for your mum’s outfit? Lisa Jones at Off With Her Head Millinery says she’s “spoilt for choice” when it comes to local inspiration. “Fife has a bit of everything – beautiful coastlines, rural farmlands, historic towns and cities, hills and lochs…” she muses.

“Last year I worked with photographer Ange Harper to create some pieces inspired by the thistle. I found so many beautiful examples of them in the wild in Fife, which formed the basis for my headpieces.”

Lisa’s work can be influenced by other places too: “Ideas can come from anywhere, really,” she says. “I have even taken inspiration from the architecture of the spinning teacups ride in Disneyland Paris!”

close up of orange bouquet held by a woman standing next to a man by a body of water

(Photo: NC Photography)

Flower Study Weddings

When you are surrounded by stunning Scottish nature, it would be a bit strange if you weren’t inspired by the amazing landscapes, particularly if you’re the creative type.

Someone who does fully embrace the fruits of the Kingdom is Suzy Burnett of Flower Study Weddings. “We have lots of lovely green areas in Fife and especially around Culross where I now live. I love foliage in bouquets and will often use cuttings from my own garden when I can – eucalyptus especially and seasonal foliage in winter,” Suzy tells us.

“We are also very lucky to have some wonderful flower farmers in Fife – we buy buckets of home-grown blooms from them in spring and summer and use these in our arrangements.”

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