Scottish Wild Picnics can save couples with its sensational spreads

scottish wild picnics
Treat yourself to a generous helping of scran courtesy of the genius of Scottish Wild Picnics

Swayed by the temptation of eloping, but there’s something holding you back? If it’s the lack of catering options, better dig out your wellies: Scottish Wild Picnics can serve up sensational scran for your remote do.

“We go for robust flavours and hearty meals, especially if you’re eating al fresco – you need some heat and substance,” laughs owner Jean Donaldson. “All our puddings are created in-house, and we use two spectacular artisan bakers for our wedding cakes (one of whom specialises in vegan and gluten- and dairy-free baking). 

“Where possible, we also use local venison, beef and poultry suppliers as well as trying to source as much as we can from Scottish companies – this includes beers, gins and whiskies.”

And the good news doesn’t stop there – though Jean assures us that all of the menus can be adapted to suit tastes, you can expect a scrummy mix of cold meats, Scottish cheeses and sweet treats.

If you’re after something a little different, though, that shouldn’t be a problem. “Our last wedding, the bride said that she and her mum were picky eaters and asked for additional mash and macaroni cheese,” she shares. “We served an Arran-cheddar mash and a two-cheese macaroni that included a cheddar and Highland blue.” Sounds delightful!

If you’d like to hit up Scottish Wild Picnics for your elopement (or even just your intimate wedding), check out its website or Facebook and Instagram. No need to forage for your w-day breakfast, then.