Set the date for the first same sex marriages


It’s time to wave bye-bye to wedding inequality and get the hers ‘n’ hers (or his ‘n’ his of course!) bunting out as the Scottish Government has finally announced that the first same sex marriage ceremonies in Scotland are expected to go ahead from Hogmanay. The new act comes into force on 16th December, but the gap between then and the first possible ceremonies allows for the minimum notice period for marriage of 14 clear days.

In even more good news, from the same date, couples in an existing Scottish Civil Partnership will be able to change their relationship to a marriage and conversions of this type will be free for the first year of the legislation.

Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing Alex Neil said, “It is wonderful that same sex couples can now begin to make plans to have their marriage just as any other couple can. This historic legislation had overwhelming support across the Scottish Parliament, demonstrating to the world how importantly Scotland views equality. That support means that, from 31 December, same sex couples who want to show their love and commitment to each other could get married in front of family and friends at a ceremony they choose together. This will be an important signal that our nation is absolutely committed to the same rights for all our citizens.”

Team BSW couldn’t agree more!

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