Stephanie Gallen Millinery launches her first core bridal range

Chloe headband by Stephanie Gallen Millinery
(Photo: Laura Elizabeth Patrick) Chloe band, £110, Stephanie Gallen Millinery

In the bridal business, as in life, nothing ever stays the same for long; successful are those who branch out and adapt. Just ask star milliner, Stephanie Gallen.

“In the past, I’ve only ever created pieces for individual brides when they’ve approached me, as the majority of my work up until quite recently centred around mothers of the bride/groom and guests,” she explains. “More often than not, these brides came to me because they wanted something a tiny bit different from what they could find elsewhere on the market, or envisioned a style that echoed aspects from my non-bridal offering.

“However, with requests increasing year on year, I decided to put together a range of dedicated headpieces for brides to choose from. And so, The Wedding Collection was born. It’s a mix of traditional bridal and classic millinery elements, with a hat tip (pardon the pun!) to bygone glamour.”

Staying true to her roots, this is no cookie-cutter collection and still allows brides to break the mould a little. “It’s less of the typical metallic clips and hair vines (although I do still love these), and more fabric-based styles, delicately embellished with pearls, crystals, lace and feathers,” Stephanie notes.

We’re lusting hard after the lavish, studded Chloe band (above), £110.