Turn your husband-to-be into a domestic god with Rosslea Hall Hotel

rosslea hall hotel

You know how the saying goes. Some are born domestic, some achieve domesticity, and some have domesticity thrust upon them.

No? Ok maybe not, but we think the sentiment still applies – and Rosslea Hall Hotel seems to agree. It knows that lots of grooms need all the thrusting they can handle when it comes to homemaking, and so they’ve launched a new initiative to transform husbands-to-be into domestic gods.

That’s where you come in. Is your other half a bit, well, useless when it comes to matters of the home? We’re talking wet towels on the bed, an overflowing laundry basket, a diet that primarily consists of instant noodles and Cup a Soup?

Maybe it’s time he enrolled in Rosslea’s ‘Groom Academy’. The award-winning Helensburgh wedding venue recently launched the day-long course, which offers to teach hapless males how to iron and use a washing machine and tumble dryer, as well as showing them how to treat you to breakfast in bed and wow you with some cocktail mixing skills. We’ll have ours shaken, not stirred, if you please.

The venture proved to be a social media success for Rosslea Hall Hotel, with thousands taking to Facebook and Twitter to sign their partners up, both male and female. The story even made its way to This Morning last week, with Groom Academy ‘graduate’ and former Rosslea groom Thomas Callaghan demonstrating his newfound skills by ironing live on the telly. No pressure, then.

And this isn’t the only publicity that Rosslea has been receiving of late. The venue was recently crowned the ‘Best Wedding Venue over £6,000’ at this year’s Confetti Awards. We adore Rosslea for its lovely gardens and panoramic views of the Firth of Clyde – and now for its commitment to challenging gender roles in the household.

Whether you’re looking for domestic bliss, a gorgeous wedding venue or scrambled eggs on toast from the comfort of your duvet, Rosslea has your back. Now, where’s our strawberry daiquiris?