‘Crafternoon’ ideas: make a tutu for your hen do

Love them or loathe them, ‘crafternoons’ are shaping up to be the standout trend for the last fling before the ring in 2014.

tutu_PRODUCT-SHOT_rGetting all your hens together and making something has obvious benefits for you – imagine all those extra hands helping to make your favours or table plans! But if your friends are more dafties than crafties, then it’s only polite to pick something everyone will enjoy. I spent an evening with Seedling’s ‘Create your own designer tutu’ kit and think it’s perfect for a fun activity for hens. Wearing the tutus out and about afterwards is a must, obviously!
Here’s my step-by-step guide to making your tutu (a tutu-torial if you like…)


Firstly, I laid out all the components. The tutu is made from an elastic waistband and strips of tulle. It comes with glitter glue, ribbon, jewels and pompoms for decoration. I rolled the tulle length-wise and cut it in 10cm strips (the instructions describe this as ‘cutting a giant sushi roll’ – pictured below left).


I measured the elastic around my waist and added 5cm (I thought it was in case I had a big lunch, but turns out it’s so I could knot it). I put the tied elastic around the top of a chair and started looping the tulle through. Start by making a ‘U’ shape then pull the ends over the elastic and through the bend (pictured centre). The weight started to drag the tutu down so I clipped it onto a trouser hanger (pictured right). Once the tulle was finished, it was time to decorate!


Warning: your tutu may be so fabulous even your pets can’t resist. I decorated my tutu with the jewels and used the ribbon to make a shorter layer along the top. I also trimmed the tutu to make it shorter. Now all I need is some hens and some Hooch!

Seedling Create your own designer tutu kit, £42, available from Anthropologie