Cruise Loch Ness takes a trip with Google

When a genius idea popped into Cruise Loch Ness’s operations manager Martin Atkinson’s head, he reached out to the Google Street View team to chat about charting one of the most famous landmarks in the world.

Soon, an expert team from Holland was dispatched to spend a week filming the entirety of the majestic Loch Ness. After a first attempt in glorious weather, the crew then had to come back for round two, when stereotypical Scottish storms hampered efforts and the group endured some of the worst weather the area had seen in 20 years.
Deborah Leah

Luckily, the last day of the excursion was calmer and brighter and the project came up with some incredible results. The squad even had diving gear in order to get some shots of the mysterious depths of the loch.

Ronald Mackenzie, director of Cruise Loch Ness said: “It was exciting to work with Google as they are one of the biggest companies on the planet, and now our work will be seen across the globe forever more.”

Only a couple of months after everyone’s hard work, the footage was available for all to see and, amazingly, Google’s homepage was dedicated to Loch Ness for a day.

‘It was brilliant – absolutely amazing! We were blown away to see the Google homepage,” said Ronald.

When not hunting for Nessie with Google, the Cruise Loch Ness fleet can be chartered for wedding ceremonies and receptions of up to 50.

To watch the Loch Ness footage, visit: