Kudos Bridal Boutique (Dunfermline) is throwing an accessories evening

Ivory & Co hair clip
Nieva solitaire crystal, hand-enamelled leaf and freshwater pearl hair clip, £POA, Ivory & Co, available from Kudos Bridal Boutiques Dunfermline

After the runaway success of its last few events, Kudos Bridal Boutiques is gearing up for another jam-packed accessories evening on 7th November from 6pm-8pm at the Dunfermline store.

“These are always in high demand and popular with customers, which is why they’re something that we tend to plan well in advance,” explains the boutique’s Megan Carberry.

“We’ll be receiving accessories from Richard Designs, headpieces from Ivory & Co, shoes from Rainbow Club and faux furs from Helen Moore that we might not normally have available in store, so it’s a great opportunity to find something a little different. The 10% discount on the night doesn’t hurt, either!”

Kudos Bridal Boutiques Dunfermline accessories
From left: Kennedy heels, £POA, Rainbow Club, Nieva hair clip, £POA, and Melody tiara, £POA, both Ivory & Co, available from Kudos Bridal Boutiques Dunfermline

Although we’re looking forward to trying out a new 3D floral appliquéd veil from Richard Designs (we hear it’s spectacular) and Helen Moore’s heavenly soft stoles, we’ve got to say, we have our hearts set on Rainbow Club’s Kennedy heels, above left, and the divine Nieva hair comb from Ivory & Co (“We keep taking orders of it,” admits Megan), both of which will be available on the night.