Struggling to find a gift that’s both meaningful and unique? This Edinburgh-based company’s small but mighty creations are the ideal pick

Small-scale models of your venue, like this little Barnbougle Castle, make a wonderful keepsake of the big day (Photography: Fletcher Joseph)

Vennu, a new small business founded by architect Douglas and his partner Freya, offers small-scale models of popular wedding venues and event spaces which are meticulously crafted to capture every intricate detail. The architectural models are timeless keepsakes and customisable options make the gift even more sentimental. Surely a treasured heirloom in the making!

In architecture, a maquette is a carefully crafted rough draft which is used to visualise the final product. So how does this fit into your big day? The Vennu team were inspired after a recent family wedding, and coupled it with their passion for design: as an architect and art history graduate, Douglas and Freya combined their expertise to bring architectural models of wedding venues to life.

Left: There are ten models to shop from, or you can contact Vennu for a custom commission; right: Models are mounted onto plywood for a sturdy base. The copper coins can also be engraved to add personalisation

The process starts with photos and drawings of the chosen venue, and once the model is finished, the final product is mounted onto plywood to give it a sturdy base. Copper tokens can also be added to the wood, and you can have these custom engraved with names and dates to make it even more personal.

“We embrace the natural imperfections that occur during the casting process and see them as part of the beauty and character of each model. We believe that these quirks and nuances make each model truly one-of-a-kind and a true representation of the beauty and uniqueness of each place they represent,” the team at Vennu said.

They have models of ten venues available to shop, or you can contact Vennu to commission a custom creation. Six castles are available to buy: Achnagairn, Barnbougle, Neidpath, Lickleyhead, Carlowrie and Bothwick are meticulously crafted, bringing small pieces of history, and your loved one’s big day, to life. Dunglass Collegiate Church, Prestonfield House, Carberry Tower and Newhall Estate are also available to buy.

Douglas and Freya, the team behind Vennu, were inspired by a recent family wedding, and coupled this with their architectural and art history backgrounds to bring your venue to life 

“We believe that every wedding venue deserves to be remembered in its full, beautiful glory, while also taking care of our planet. That’s why we have a sustainability ethos at the core of our business,” they add.

“We take a personal and hands-on approach to each and every model we create. We use a combination of technology and more traditional crafts to create a tangible representation of your wedding venue. And, with a deep appreciation for the beauty of imperfections, we celebrate the uniqueness of each and every model.”

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