No-one expects fine dining for the evening buffet, but it can definitely be delicious, satisfying and full of flavour

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When you think about wedding reception food and drink, what comes to mind? Boring sausage rolls and sandwiches are a thing of the past - wedding reception buffets just got more interesting.

So what do you need to think about when planning your evening wedding food and drink?

What's your budget?

Just like pretty much every other aspect of your big day, deciding what to serve up as an evening buffet boils down to how much you can afford to spend. Think about the style of your wedding and your budget before you get too far down the line with ideas.

Even if budget is stretched here, serving up something delicious is possible. Things like rolls with sausage, potato scones and bacon are popular, as well as Scottish staples that can be made in batches like stovies.

Pick a theme or idea

Your evening buffet can be a great time to have fun with your wedding food and drinks - maybe even going for something interactive like a DIY station with pretty signage. It's an appealing way to add interest to food when often, the evening buffet gets passed over as people are having too much fun on the dancefloor.

And don’t just stick to food, she adds. You can always introduce a bit of booze into the mix. Why not add an espresso martini station to your night time offering? 

Is Saturday night 'pizza night' in your house? Then why not add that element into your buffet to give a personal touch. Guests will love the novelty factor - and let's be honest, who doesn't like pizza?

Don't forget the sweet treats too - wedding cake can be served alongside your buffet, but why not have miniatures of your favourite desserts?

Do we have to have an evening buffet at our wedding?

You don't, but think about this: drinking on an empty stomach can be problematic, and often it's the next day that you'll pay the price. So your evening guests will thank you for anything you do that helps prevent them waking up with a hangover!

Most people appreciate a bit of stodge to soak up the booze after a day of celebrating - you could even do traditional after-pub grub like chips and curry sauce. Heaven! 

We're getting hungry just thinking about it...

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