What are brides across Aberdeenshire wearing in 2024? We chat to Tricker Bridal owner Beverley Tricker about the trends she's noticed as well as her custom and pre-loved gowns

If you're just starting to think about your wedding dress you might find there are a lot of things to think about and you don't know where to begin. 

For bride-to-be in Aberdeenshire, local dressmaker Tricker Bridal promises to create gowns that are unique and special in every way for the brides who’ll wear them. We caught up with the designer behind the brand to chat about what she offers and what to consider when wedding dress shopping. 

Who is Tricker Bridal?

You will be in safe hands with owner Beverley Tricker. She has been a dressmaker since she first picked up a needle and thread in the late 1980s, and now offers bespoke dresses as well as preloved and sample gowns from her salon. Tricker Bridal, in the west end of Aberdeen. 

In addition to creating made-to-measure gowns that are reflective of the wearer’s style and personality, the designer has recently expanded her business to make it easier for brides to find the right dress for them.

2024 bridal style

What does 2024 look like for Aberdeenshire brides? “Well, most of my clients seek me out because I offer something different,” smiles the designer.

“This year I’ve noticed that everyone is asking for colour in some way – I’ve had orders for gowns in everything from navy to gold. Another thing that’s proving popular is floral details."

"Brides no longer feel they have to go down the traditional route. Times have changed and so has what is worn on wedding days."

Bespoke wedding dresses

If the idea of going bespoke appeals to you, there are a few things to keep in mind, advises Beverley: “Our bespoke dresses typically start at £1,200 and go up to £2,750.

"Finding the final design is certainly a voyage of discovery – sometimes, brides come to me with dozens of images of things they like, so it’s my job to narrow down the selection and try to work out what is the common factor between them all! I’d say that most people usually know what they don’t want, so that is a starting point. 

"And the beauty of going bespoke is that you don’t need to make compromises – it can be something that’s entirely you.” By all means have a vision, but Beverley reckons it’s best to approach the experience with an open mind.

“Apart from trying on your mum’s dress when you were seven, you probably haven’t been in a wedding dress before. I’d suggest trying on some gowns to get a feel for what you fancy – I have some available to try, and can mock up designs for you to see how it will look.

"I also present five or six sketches to the client, including a wild card. You’d be surprised how many people end up going for that!”

In addition to crafting gowns for the leading lady, Beverley also can create custom outfits for the mums too – good news for those looking for something in particular, or who hope to stand out from the crowd.

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Pre-loved wedding dresses 

“By introducing pre-loved and sample dresses into the mix, I am hoping to help more brides find something to suit their style, budget and vision,” explains Beverley.

“Not only can these be helpful for those who are on a tight turnaround, but you’ll be saving money – and helping the environment. So many dresses end up in landfill as brides don’t know what to do with them after the big day. Everyone wins with pre-loved dresses.”

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