You’ve walked down the aisle and danced the night away, but what are you meant to do with your wedding shoes now? Here are some ideas to make the most out of your bridal footwear

There’s so much that goes into planning your wedding, but what about after the big day? You’ll have plenty of sentimental keepsakes as well as some things that can be reused, and one thing to consider is your wedding shoes. To save them from being packed away at the back of your wardrobe, we’ve put together some ideas.

Dye your wedding shoes

Ivory high heels might not pair well with the rest of your wardrobe, but depending on which shoes you buy, there could be an option to dye them to another colour.

While your wedding shoes might hold a special significance and you don’t want to rewear them often, a simple colour change could transform them to suit another special occasion.

Rainbow Club has a range of wedding shoes which are specifically designed to be dyed after your wedding. Their ivory satin shoes can be changed to any colour from their range of 40 shades. With designs which are versatile enough to be worn for other events, why not give your shoes a new lease of life?

Take a look at some of Rainbow Club’s bridal shoes

The shoe retailer has lots of different styles, including court shoes, stilettos, strappy sandals, kitten heels as well as flats. We got to try on just a few of their chic wedding shoes. See them in action below.

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Use detachable shoe accessories

If you want your wedding shoes to pop a little bit more, Rainbow Club also has a range of shoe accessories that can easily be added on and removed. Take your shoes from classy to sassy with bows, feathers and sparkles, and you can even change the straps.

These versatile accessories can change the look of your shoes for wearing after the wedding, but they can also be brought with you on your wedding day. Which is a great option for brides who are changing their dress throughout the day. These accessories can quickly transform the look of your footwear without having to buy another pair!

It’s not just your shoes that can undergo a mid-wedding change, as there are plenty of transformable wedding dresses on the market that allow you to switch up your look from day to evening,

Wear colourful wedding shoes

Although it’s traditional for brides to be dressed in white from head to toe, a pop of colour can be a refreshing change. Match your shoes to your colour scheme for some extra co-ordination, especially if you’re wearing a short dress or a suit that’ll show them off.

Not only do colourful shoes look good on the day, you’re also more likely to reuse your shoes if they’re better suited to your everyday style.

Shop around for shoes in a colour you love, or try Rainbow Club’s dyeing service ahead of the wedding. They have lots of bold, vibrant shades to choose from as well as more subtle pastel colours. Your shoes could even be your something blue!

Put your shoes on display

Whether you’re keeping things classic in ivory or strutting your stuff in indigo, there are a number of ways you can reuse your wedding shoes.

They could be worn every once in a while for special occasions, but if they feel a bit too precious for that, it’s ok to keep them somewhere safe as a memento.

You could box them up alongside your wedding dress in the wardrobe, but if you have room, why not put them on display? They can sit among other keepsakes from your big day like a program, place cards, a print out of your vows, preserved flowers and photographs.

Sell your shoes

Depending on how sentimental you are, you might be willing to part with your wedding shoes. If you know you’re never going to wear them again, you can sell them or give them away so another bride-to-be can get the use of them. Considering how expensive weddings typically are, it can’t hurt to make some money back!

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