From extravagant ceremony dresses to chic reception outfits, get inspired by multiple wedding day looks

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Of course, when celebrities get married they go above and beyond and this often includes multiple days of celebration as well as numerous outfit changes.

However, it’s not just celebrity brides who are choosing to get changed throughout the day, with many brides opting for different dresses for different parts of their wedding.

Why do brides wear two dresses?

It makes sense that the elaborate gown with a full skirt and train that looks gorgeous for walking down the aisle and all of your photos isn’t going to be practical for the entire day. By the evening you might be keen for a change of dress (and shoes), especially if it’s hot!

You can still maintain your bridal look in a lighter dress, made with fewer layers or a shorter skirt. Check out some gorgeous short wedding dresses that we love the look of.

Do I need more than one wedding dress?

‘Need’ is a strong word, and as with all things wedding-related, the choice is yours. On the one hand, you’re only going to wear your wedding dress once, so why not make the most of it and wear it for the full day?

But on the other hand you get to enjoy different bridal looks and it keeps the photos really fresh! And with so many gorgeous dresses out there it’s hard not to be tempted…

Getting changed for the reception

Wondering when to pencil in your outfit change? If you do have two dresses, you’ll probably get changed at some point post-ceremony. Some brides like to make an entrance in their new outfit as they enter the reception, or you can wait a bit later until after the meal and speeches.

If you’re doing a first dance with your partner, think about which dress would be best to move in and what you want to be photographed in. If you want to wear your ceremony dress for this part, you can change into something less formal afterwards to make it easier to dance the night away.

Of course, there are plenty of other times around your wedding to work in another white dress, like your hen do, rehearsal dinner, and honeymoon.

Celebrities who wore more than one wedding dress

To get inspired, here are some celebs who tied the knot over the past few years and looked stunning in multiple outfits.

In her wedding to Elliot Grainge, model Sofia Richie wore three gorgeous Chanel dresses. Celebrating their nuptials over a whole weekend in the South of France, she also wowed in several other stunning Chanel looks.

Also taking the celebrations over several days was Paris Hilton in her wedding to Carter Reum. The heiress was scheduled to wear seven designer dresses over the weekend but only ended up wearing six…which is a little bit excessive for the average bride! For most, one mid-wedding outfit change is enough to think about.

When Jennifer Lopez married Ben Affleck last August, she wore three custom Ralph Lauren gowns. Following a small Las Vegas wedding, the pair celebrated with their friends and family in a huge party at their Georgia estate.

Where to get an after-party wedding dress from

If you’re indecisive (Libras I’m looking at you), the two-wedding-dress trend could be your saving grace. It gives you the opportunity to buy from different bridal shops you love or wear completely different styles.

Understandably, there might not be much room left in your outfit budget after choosing your first wedding dress. If you don’t feel like you can spend much more on dresses, why not look outside of traditional bridal shops? Lots of high street and online stores have a bridal collection full of different styles and levels of dressy-ness.

Transformable wedding dresses

If multiple dresses seems like too much for you, why not look into transformable wedding dresses? These gowns have pieces that can be added or taken off to change the look and feel. From removable sleeves to skirts, as well as belts and bows, these dresses can undergo a subtle or drastic change.

With a few options for creating different looks throughout the day, why should brides-to-be stick to just one bridal style? You’re (hopefully) only doing it once, so you may as well make the most of having your hair and makeup done and being in a gorgeous venue with your nearest and dearest.

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